• The deppressed girl went toward the piano
    she started to play a melody that was very familiar to him
    The girl started to feel better with every note
    The man who made her mad feel bad
    He started to tap his foot.

    He tried to resist, but couldn't
    "Is the end?" He thought
    The Girls playing was incredible
    She sung with perfect pitch and melody

    The man started to mumble the words the girl spoke
    It filled his heart with the music he never expierenced in life
    He started to sing and the girl stopped playing
    The man urgered to keep playing
    She kept playing the harmonic tune

    At a moments notice, a crowd started to gather 'round
    The two just kept singing the harmonic tune
    The Dollars and cents went to the girl
    Soon the song was over
    The crowd cheered and the man walked away
    Soon after the crowd left
    All that was left was the Girl and the Piano