• The Story of a young boy, mAAd city, the killings from Duval County, Jaxx City, from the age of 8 I had my first fight this n---- was talkin bout my mama I told him "bruh I dont want no drama." but he kept on talkin sh-- comma after commas till I bust straight in the mouth they called me the fore-armer.
    Floyd Mayweather upper-cuts, went relentless, cuts after cuts, I didn't give a f---, age of 11 red truck, drive by on my best friend Roger the type of bullet that keep lead stuck. I cried and cried but nothing will bring him back so I kept the chrome tucked.
    Kendrick Lamar say thats the mentality you shouldn't duck so I get and I got him ain't give a f---, year later I finally moved, age 12 I was fu--in' confused was I a real n---- just for bustin' my two (hopsin quotes) realizing that my life was nothin but violent, I felt like a tyrant, look inside of my iris you can see the reflection of cryin' no matter what I did to stop it, everyone that I loved always ended up diein.
    Age 13 locked up from weed, I felt like I would never succeed, drugs were all that I need and w/o it I felt as life was not complete, I would always compete, to sell drugs and gang-bangin to keep the shoes on my feet, all I ever heard from my older brother was p---- n---- you weak (I forgive him now) hater gonna hate, so f--k what you know bout me, get rich or die tryin, young 50 king of NYC, my gangsta rap idol until I found the King Kendrick Lamar, "hes no gangsta no killa just an average joe" (his song quote) Overly Dedicated 2011 album buys hit, hes the new flow,age 15, one-fifteen-thirteen, never forget that day, my lifes turned around the other way if I stayed in Bremerton Washington, I'd probably be dead or in jail, walk inside my shoes I guarantee your feet will be swell. This is the oppurtunity to show my talents, I've got no more tales of violence, dreams of a warehouse big as rack city, shout to good kidd madd city... have a blast.. I hope to see you on the oppsite side of that glass. -DJ AkA Rational Actions.