• Tears of sorrow and tears of joy,

    All for a human boy.

    I miss his smile and his charm,

    But if I tell him it will harm.

    He is gentle and strong,

    But telling the truth is wrong.

    My secret isn't for me to share,

    But if I do he might care.

    Will he love my mermaid shape,

    Or will his love turn to hate?

    Shall he ask me for his hand,

    And shall I stay forever on land?

    Are his desires quite true,

    Or are they just a silly ruse?

    My mermaid self is a curse,

    If he found out it will be worse.

    I might dissapear and turn to foam,

    Or forever will I have to roam.

    The curse of a mermaid is unsure,

    But if only there was a cure.

    My only wish for him and me,

    Is to live quite happily.

    I wish our joy could begin,

    With feet instead of ugly fins.