• Carefully opened
    A wound is spread to remove
    Shards of new wisdom.

    A doctor, learned,
    Wise in practice, picks and pecks
    Pieces of moist bone.

    A child sleeps, poisoned.
    Anesthesia cushions
    stings drawn by scalpel.

    Dreams induced by drugs
    remind the youth of the thrill
    of the lesson taught.

    The excitement of
    swinging closer and closer
    to the sun and clouds.

    Bludgeoning of earth
    against fragile youth pulses
    through their bones and pride.

    An artisan hand
    removes audacious valor
    from the open gash.

    A new found respect
    occupies unsullied space
    born fresh amidst meat.

    A tailor of flesh,
    the physician pulls tight cord
    drawn by the needle.

    Scar becomes tattoo.
    A permanent symbol of
    youthful ambitions.