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The Enchanted Sleeper's Journal
The journal of my avi, the Enchanted Sleeper.
At last, some action!
Well, another few days of fighting makes for another few days worth of entries. Sunday was a day exempt from fighting, what with it being a 'day of rest' and all, so Alyssa and I played video games down at the store, Kaeme and Xynnia went shopping, Kirikozou and Tomara were sparring, Dakko went off to do some art stuff and Liona went to visit some sick people in a village nearby. She only got back today, and Tomara was acting more emotional than usual, actually showing his irritation instead of just his hair turning orange. Im guessing Alyssa and I didnt really help that much, what with teasing him and all, but it was still funny.

Before she got back, Kirikozou and I fought on Monday. My fight was a walkover and a complete non-entity; I fought (or should I say, thrashed) some random guy who makes earthquakes the entire time, and when you have wings, those dont exactly bother you. No, it was Kirikozous fight that was the interesting one. We know for sure that the guy he fought was a member of Morthsags old army. I mean, we recognised him for one thing. His name was Nifen, and before he joined with Morthsag he was head of a ninja clan. He had a really distinct scar running all down the side of his face, and a horizontal one across his cheek Alyssa managed to give him. Plus, before the battle, he distinctly said to Kirikozou, "This is revenge on all your little friends for what they did to us." What more proof do you need?
The fight itself was pretty intense, way different to all the other battles. The guy was good - but we wouldn't have expected any less from a high ranking official in Morthsags army.
He had these sleek throwing knife things (I would have loved to have a go with those, and the same with Kaeme, I think) which he threw really quickly and accurately, and which left deep cuts. Kirikozou had to use all his moves to dodge them, because the guy seemed to have an infinite supply, and they just kept on coming. In between if was therefore hard for him to use his sword, but he managed some particularly good moves. Alyssa identified most of the moves as they went along, having trained with him, but she had to admit, he surprised even her.

The fight ended when Nifen tried to throw four knives at once, two in each hand, but only two got sent because of a deep wound Kirikozou had landed on his shoulder. The other two got kind of thrown down to the ground, although to be fair they did fly a fair way first. All Kirikozou had to do was dodge right, and then hit him in the side with the flat of his blade, and he was down. And not getting up.

Kirikozou insits that hes fine, but we think there may well have been poison on the knives. Nifen certainly didnt seem too bothered about losing, more like he was glad he lost. confused Alyssa thinks he just doesnt want to admit he failed.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Apr 19, 2005 @ 02:42pm
Poor Kirkozou... crying
Well, seems things are getting interesting. You seemed pretty bored a whiles ago.

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