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The Enchanted Sleeper's Journal
The journal of my avi, the Enchanted Sleeper.
*flinches* Ouch....
I fought today, all right. And Im not going to tell anyone else this, but it was painful. My wounds have all stopped bleeding, but they still hurt and all.... and Im still wearing a couple of these stupid bandage-things over the worst ones.
Kaeme, Dakko and Xynnia all tried to talk me out of it. Theyre the sensible ones. Liona is too, but she generally doesnt try to talk people out of doing stuff. She can basically read emotions (shes psychic, in case you didnt know) and she could tell there wasnt any point.
None of the others tried to talk me out of it. Theyre warriors; they understand. All Alyssa said was, "Just try not to collapse, Shortie." As soon as Im better Im going to pay her back for all the short comments shes made. And thats a lot.

I wish I hadnt been so stupid in the last battle and taken so many hits. Because it affected my performance in this battle. I felt weak, and my opponent could feel my weakness too. Thing was, he was also really stupid. He underestimated my ability to fight, and if he hadnt, I maybe wouldntve won.

I need to get stronger. I cant help wondering if Alyssa, or Kirikozou, or Tomara had fought in the same battles as I did whether or not they would be injured so badly. And if they were, would they be weaker too? Well, even if they would, I still need to train a lot more.

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Way of the Dassie
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Apr 27, 2005 @ 07:47pm
I think you kick enough a** as it is... But okays.

commentCommented on: Wed Apr 27, 2005 @ 08:04pm
Then how comes I got beaten up so bad? I need to train harder.

Community Member
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