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The Enchanted Sleeper's Journal
The journal of my avi, the Enchanted Sleeper.
Knives and kniving killers
Well, we found the knives. Lionas working on an antidote as I write. Alyssas sparring with Tomara, and Xynnias refereeing because those two are really going at it. Kaeme is with Kirikozou because hes seriously ill, and Dakko is painting or sketching or something.
Today I got to fight, and not just anyone, oh no. I fought with the guy from Hynct68. We User Image Oops, okay, thats blood. Yeah, as I was saying, we were pretty evenly matched. We drew, in fact. And if I can just keep this blood off the paper, I can write about it.
It started off with him attacking me with his katana and me blocking the blows. Its easy, just cross the daggers and bring them up in front - but quickly, or youll get cut on the face like I did.
Then I threw my dagger and grazed hUser Imagehis side, and he got really mad. He started raining blows on me from all sides, as if hed been going easy on me before. I blocked most of them, but I got this cut on my hand and some up my arms. I managed to land a few on him, before he knocked one of my daggers out of my hand with the hilt of his katana. Hah! The enchantment might be broken, but my daggers still have a spell on them and as it slid across the arena floor, he went to pick it up and it burned him. So I took the opportunity to knock him on the head with the hilt of my other dagger. He looked like he was down for the count, but as I went to pick my dagger up he suddenly pushed me. I was almost out of the arena, when he jumped up in the air to bring his katana down on me. As I rolled out of the way, he landed and missed me, and we both fell out of the arena. So it was a draw.
User Image
I got to get a bandage or something.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Apr 22, 2005 @ 11:59pm
Ack! You're bleeding! *runs around in circles* Gotta getta bandage, gotta getta bandage! Gotta getta bandage! Gotta getta- *runs into wall* Ouch...
Hope you stop bleeding. Sessha wishes you well!

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