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The Enchanted Sleeper's Journal
The journal of my avi, the Enchanted Sleeper.
Uh oh....
Kirikozous sick, and weve realised now this must have been Nifens intention all along. Or at least, a fall-back plan - that if he didnt manage to defeat Kirikozou (and it was highly likely that he wouldnt) he would have poisoned him instead.
At first, Kirikozou was trying to make out that he was fine, and do things as normal, but now hes almost too weak to even try and pretend. Lionas working on finding an antidote, but she needs me and Alyssa to do some serious spy work, and find and steal those knives Nifen used so she can have more of the poison to work with. Were on it. Weve already searched nearly half of this place without getting caught. Almost all of us fighters are staying here.
Speaking of fighting, Alyssa did some fighting on Wednesday. Shes so mad about this whole poison thing that she didnt just beat her opponent, she really went hard on him. Every time she managed to land a blow it had twice as much impact as usual. Basically shes really mad about the whole poison thing, so she took it out on her opponent.
Tomaras angry too, and him mad is worse than Alyssa mad - Im serious. I thought Id never find anything worse than Alyssa mad, but when she gets mad, she gets physical and violent, and you can tell shes mad. Then she goes and gets rid of it somehow and it gets better.
With Tomara, you cant always tell hes angry except for his hair. He just sits and smoulders for days, and when you talk to him he snaps at you, or ignores you. And his anger lasts for a long time.
I think Kaeme could do with some fighting to help her vent her anger. She has to be calm, for Kirikozous sake (and shes by his side 24/7) but shes practically ready to go and find the sleazeball and take him apart with her bare hands. Im pretty sure the rest of us are with her.

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