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My Life Storys
This is One of my books that i am working on it is called Life on the Battle Field!!!!!! I hope you like it!!!! Please leave a comment!!!

As I run through the forest, wind is blowing in my hair, and light shimmering off of my skin so it made my skin glow. I tried so hard to look happy, but that just made me unhappy the more I think about it. I do not dare to look around me, for I will see a nightmare that haunt my peoples dreams that are true, for my people are dieing in a meaningless war against the lions. For I am only a Fox, soon to be queen of Saint Land, my hometown where I was born to be in peace and giving land. But outside the towns walls, a war that we have been fighting before I was born, soon to be taken before my eyes in a few more days if this keeps up at this past. The sun says good by and leaves me in the dark alone with my people, I decide to call it a night, as I walk to are camp site to stay in the forest in the dark with my people. I transformed back to my body.

“ I am going to sleep in a few minutes or so”, I told to one of the guards that were in front of my tent. I was telling them about what will happen tomorrow. I helped pack up some of the wounded around the area. I walked past a young man that was not really hurt, but there was something wrong.
“ Is there something on your mind”, he turned around and just looked at me.
“ So I am guessing that is a yes”, he stopped looking at me and looked down at the ground. He did not talk.
“ Is that a no”, I was trying to find a why to make him smile. As I decided to call it a night, I walked to my tent when I was stopped by something. It was a sounded like someone in trouble, it sounded like a cry or more like a screech out for help. It sounded so sad and in pain, so I went to find this cry. I walked back to the forest to look around or to find this cry. As I got closer and closer, I think if it is a friend or foe. What is it’s a trap to kill me. What would I do. I looked behind a tree to find a man, my enemy on the ground crying out in pain. Then he saw me, his eyes got big like he did not what to see me. He hesitated for a few minutes then came back, I looked away thinking if I should leave or not, but before I could do so he grabbing my arm to pull me closer, to say something. The guards ran to me, thinking that he was hurting or tiring to kill me. I looked at them to say that I was ok, but he cute me off and began to talk.

"P...please put me out of my misery", he said in a calm voice. He had so sad eyes that screamed out to help. He also had bad cut on his arm, legs, and head.
" What is your name young man."
"I.a. am Keel L.Lionsmate", I looked into his eyes, for he was telling the truth! I know this because I have the eyes of truth and can forces the other eyes to tell me what I want to see. I touched his hands that were cold as ice. He must have been here for at lest two day by himself, with no food or water. I looked at my guards to get some thing for him, then I looked back at him.
"I am sorry, but I will not kill you. I will help heal your wounds and see if you get any better, I will stay here with you until you are at peace, and you are at full health again", I worked some of my magic on him and gave him food and water when I was done I started to sing to him a song that my mom thought me when I was little. He looked at the sky as birds passed by.
“ Why are you doing this, we are enemy’s”, that was true, but I did not want to leave him all alone out here.
“ I want no one to die, but It happens anyway. I never wanted to fight for no reason, but that what we’re doing. I want to stop all the violent, and just have peace”, I was sad for the moment then I looked up at the trees that where danced, and so did the leafs in the wind. Everything was quite for the first night in a week. The moon was full and bright. I did not know what happened if I fell asleep, but my gourds are here so it will be ok, well I think it will be. All the work I had to do I hope it pays off, I hope he lives. I looked at the sky for a long time, my eye lid was getting heaver I tried to stay wake, but I fell in to a deep, deep sleep, and everything went black and silent like it was before.

I opened my eyes to fine the sun and everything around me green. The sun was greeting me with it's warmness like it always did in the mornings, I looked at my side to see if he was asleep or if he had passed away overnight. I was right, he was gone to the other side. I got up and cleaned my dress off and walked back to camp to tell my guards that I would return to the palace as soon as we where done. We left the camp as soon as we where done. We transformed and ran. We got to the middle of the forest where all the died body’s weir, we did not stop, we ran over the died body’s that where on the floor for days or even mounts. We got past the body’s and back to are land, we could see the light up ahead of us. Finely we got out of the forest, my mother was outside to meets us and to tells me what I have missed while I was out on the Battle Field.
" What has happened when I was gone", saying it with a straight face like I always did. It was silent for a few minutes until she said something that cote me off guard.
" I can not wait until you tell me how your mate will be" in a happy voice which I have not herd in a long time. She was putting me on the spot like always.
"You will now sooner then you think, but we have a visitor downstairs waiting to talk to us", I sound like I wanted to go, but I did not want to. We walked down the stairs.
“ So is it Brandan, he is always buy your side.”, she was forcing the answer out of me.
“Well he is my personal guard is he not”, she looked at me then laght.
“ You are right, he loves you no mater what“, that put a smile on my face. We got to the door, I opened it and walked in side. I looked to see what my mother was looking at, I did not know that it was the enemy that we there meeting. She was with a guard, but now one ease was in the room with us. She did not see us until the guard stood up strait. She looked at us then smiled. She stud up and waved at us.
“ Thank you for meeting me”, she sound so nice and sweet.
“ Please sit down and tell us what you want from us”, she sat down and the guard stood up behind her. She did not look so suspicious. She had black hair that past her shoulders, and purity blue eyes.
" I wish to talk about this war", she seemed calm as she talked.
" My brother and I wish to stop this war and have peace with both lands", that seemed to shock me, they wanted peace like we do, well I want peace. But do they really want peace.
" We wish to meet with you as soon as possible if you will let us talk to you and the queen", she really wanted it you can scents it in her voice.
" And where will this places be at, if we are suppose to meet and will there be room for the people we will bring alone with us", I said it as if we were or were not going. And if we where going to go we would have to bring at least three or four guards with us.
" Out by the biggest Oak Tree in the middle of the forest it is big to hold us all", she seemed very concerned if we where or where not going.
" We will see if we can make it ", I said it with calm not showing any emoshen. My mom or queen seemed to be in shock that I jest said.
"But, Sandra, we have plans all weak we can not make it", know she was making things go to far.
" We well have to make room for the meeting if we have to, it is important", She seemed to be in shock that I said that to my own mother.
" We will be there next week, on monday", that seemed to be a good day to have a meeting.
" Thank you Sandra, we wish to stop this war as much as you do. People we now die every day. I new you will understand", she sounds sad. She got up. Then I remembered about her brother.
“ I have one more thing to tell you”, she looked at me, then sat back down in her chair.
" I am afraid you have lost a brother in the battle field, for I was by his side the hole night until he got to peace land, I am sorry. I did not leave his side", I said this in a sad voice. She seemed to be in shocked like she did not heir this news yet. She looked at her gourd.
“I did not hear this. When we get back we will find out if you want”, she nodded.
“ Thank you so much, I at least know that he was not alone and that you where there with him.”
" What is your name", I had to ask. That’s sad I did not know my own enemies name.
She smiled " I am Sarah Lionsmate", she smiled one last time then got up trend and left us in the room, alone with my mother. Then I turned to talk to my mother.
" What was that all about, you answered before we talked! It mite be a trap, they want to kill us I am sore of that!" now anger was in she voice.
" Than you do not need to go with me, if they do tray, they will kill me and not you. Sarah had trust in her eyes and voice. I herd it, and I am willing to take a risk if I have to and there is room for us too", calm was inside me for I now what I was talking about, I was positive about it.
" Then I will take your word on that, if they want peace then we should listen to what they have to offer. But if anything happens, we leave as soon as possible!" she was trusting me with her life. That is what a true queen would do. For was I going to become as good as a queen, as my mother, or will I just fall and barn to the ground! No, I will never let that happen to the land I love so much. They are all making a sacrifice for are sake, so I shall do the same. I am confident about this.
" I will talk to you in the morning about this, but let me get some rest for we have ran all the way here and did not get a good night sleep", as I walked away I begin to feel sick, no dizzy was the word. I leaned agents the wall, Branden, my chosen mate, scents I was five years old, and has been by my side all this time. He walking down the hall way then he saw me on the wall.
" Do you need help to your room", he said it a happy yet sad voice.
" If you want to help me then you can, it’s your chose too", he grabbed my arm and started to guide me bown a the hall where some guards was standing by the wall, bowed to us as we walked by. We were at my door where he stopped and let go of me.
" Good night, sweet dreams", he said then left me there. I walked in and shut the door behind me, I got to my bed without falling onto the ground, I got to my bed and lade there for there was silent’s. Sooner then I thought, I was sleeping in bed with no trouble. It was werrd it always take me some time to sleep, but It did not happen tonight.


I woke up this morning, I looked out from my balcony, and saw just trees never ending like an ocean. The grass was greener then ever and the sky was just perfect so, I decided to get dressed in a blue sky dress that went to my nease. For this was my favorite dress in the world. As I was walking, air blows my brown hair like waves and so was my dress. The guards looked like they have never seen anything like me before. I opened the door to find and sunny day like any other days. I walked down the street to see my people doing there work as they weir suppose to do every day. It must be really hard, when I was little I walked out there and helped the same people in that field, I did not get in any trouble, but they kept telling me to go and play with the others. But I wanted to do fun and hard work to become stronger and to learn about things I did not know. I learned that it is better to be smart then bum. I stopped talking and began to walk again. As I got to the heart of the town, little kids walked with me telling me to play with them just this ounce.
" Ok, what do you want to play today young ones", I said this with calm in my voice.
" We would like to play tag!" they weir existed to play a game.
" Then I will be it", a girl said it with no heisted.
" Then lets start the game, ready, go!" as they ran, but I walked fast, it looked like I was running, but I was not. We laght, played, and cared on until the after noon came and started to get darker by fewer minute. I turned and Branden was by my side to walk with me. It was strange, his eyes always looked so much like the sun. Red and orange blended together.
" That looked like fun. Weir you enjoying it?" it was a hard answer for I only look like I was happy so the kids will not worried or be sad.
" So when are you going to take the crown", that shocked me for it was hard to answer that.
" I do not now?" that got his attention.
" I hope it will not be sooner then I think, I wish to have more time, but I must take it someday." He looked at me with sad yet confused eyes.
" So… you don’t want it?" he was still confused.
" Well "I was tiring to think.
" Well, …what ", did he want an answer, here and know?
" You do not have to answer it, I do not mind." he just walked me to my room for it really dark out. And all the lights where on.
“ If you do not mind, I want to talk to you”, he never leaves my side and I wish to be alone for one night with no one walking me everywhere, I am sick of it!
“ If you wish to do that, then you may, you are soon to be queen, and I will listen to what you have to say. I am always here for you.”
“ But I need some space please” he looked then he grabbed my hand and kissed it.
“ Ok”, well that was easy. He kissed my hand again, and said good night, and left me there all alone again. I watched him leave and he didn’t turn back. I walked inside, I was not tired , but that the only thing was to do, so I got dressed and clamed into bed for the night. I lade there staring outside, still not asleep. I sang myself to sleep, but I capped waking up. The darkness stayed with me for the long time in my life. Then I herd a knock on the door. I did not get up, I saided very lightly, “come in.” The door opened and closed for Branden was by my side, for he now something was troubling me like always, he lade next to me and looked me in the eye.
“ Is there anything you wish to talk about, Sandra?” he was looking for a why to make me happy. He can feel things other can not. Well he can cents things, like peoples feelings.
“ It is just hard for me to go to sleep knowing people are dieing, while I lay here trying to sleep”, he looks me in the eye; for he now knows what was the feeling that was inside me. He got up and left me there for a while, then came back with a flower, but not just a flower, my flower that I fawned and no one else knows about. I smiled when I sow the flower.
“ You looked a little down this morning, so I went to go look for your flower. You look happy when I walked in”, because I was happy, for I have not seen my flower for so long.
“ So why are you doing this? Do you feel a little sad for the people that are dieing? We are the strongest out of every one here yet we stay here, that just puts sadness in my heart”, it looked like I was about to cry, but I have never cry in front of anyone. Not even my soon to be husbanded. But I trust him all ready. But never show tears until the very end.
“ You need to sleep, so you tried to sing,” he was thinking of a long time, “ well let me sing this time, if it does not work then we have to think of some thing else”, I started to laght at him, for he was thinking to hard and fell of the bed. He looked at me for I was having fun for the first time in three years. He began to laght with me. The night will end soon, and I did not want it to, for I was having so much fun with Branden. He left me once again, alone for I was still not tiered. It seemed like I was foully awake, then I remember that I have a meeting today with Sarah and her brother in the middle of the forest.

A little while later someone knocked on the door.
“ Miss. Sandra, the queen is waiting for you downstairs”, the guard was waiting for me. Then Branden came in to see if I was ready to go, which I was not. I was looking for something to dress in.
“ Are you looking for something to dress in”, I did not heir what he just said.
“ I am sorry, but I am looking for something it will take only a minute, I promise.”
“ You should weir that white one”, he told me.
“ Can you help with my hair too”, I quickly sat down so he could do my hair. He was done and looked at me in the mirror. I had my eyes close the hole time. I was waiting for Branden to tell me that he was done, but he did not. I opened one of my eyes to see what he was doing, he was done and was staring at me in the mirror.
“ Are you done.” He snapped out of it and answered back.
“ Ok, I am done.”
“ Thank you, Branden. We better go know, if someone tells something, you do not have to say anything to them, if you have to just say that I was having a little problem with my dress and you helped me”, that was good answer if they asked. He did not answer back, but just node at me. We walked outside where the horses were. Then we rode on horseback all the way there. I looked around so I can get a piture in my head for it was calm. Birds where flying in the tree topes up ahead of us. Soon I hope it will look like this when we get this all over with. As we got closer, everyone got tense and was on their guard for they know something was going to go wrong. I staid the same why, just looking at the sky and the habitat around me. As Branden rode beside me as one of my personal guards, was looking to see if I was all right. I just smiled at him to show him that I was happy outside the palace. Everyone started to slow down for we where here, as someone came out to greet us, I was getting off of the horse. Branden grabbed my arm to walk me inside. As we got in, I pulled my arm free from Branden, he looked at me with sad eyes and capped walking. I felt a little sorry for pulling away from him. We walked all the way to the hall, it looked beautiful with all the drawings on the walls. We stood there in silent, as my mother was beside Branden and me a few steppes behind me. I studied the room for I have never seen one like this one. Someone walk in the room and told us to follow him to the meeting room. As we walked in, every one else was there waiting for us to start. As I walked in I feel someone staring at me on the other side of the room. I looked around the room, it was a man with dirty blond hair, his eyes weir like the sun, but lighter then that, I can not describe it for I have never seen anything like his eyes. He had a black shirt and pants on. It was weird seeing anyone with so much black on. I have only done that ounce in my life, which was because I was mad at the world for taking my dad away from me. And almost my soon to be husband too.
“Lets start this meeting”, a man said
“ The soon to be King wants this war to end at all cost”, so how was this soon to be King.
“ So how is this King you’re talking about”, it was silent for a long time then the people stared at the man I was looking, stood up.
“ I am”, he say it with confides in his voice and eyes. “ I am the one how called all of you out here today to talk about this war, I wish to end it as soon as possible. Every one in my family has died, escaped for my sister, Sarah, here mate, and me, Cody Lionsmate ”, he was proud of the name.
“ You are not the only one to lose someone close to you, for I have lose a fother, and three sisters in a weak”, I did not minchen Branden’s sister that died too, I did not want him to be mad at me for the rest of the night.
“ Then we are on the right page. But that does not solve anything yet”, the man was right.
“ We can do a marrige between both king and queen”, my mother got out of her set.
“ I am sorry but my daughter has a soon to be husband and if anything happens to him like being killed or not she can still choses how she will like”, she had never said that before, not unless that really happened. Branden dieing and leaving me here alone. Then I will never find some one else.
“ Then if that happenes then she can be can choose Cody, what would you do then”, the man looked at my mother and she looked at me.
“ If she does, then I will follow her all the way. And if anything would happen to her then she will come strait home”, was she telling the truth! After that we talked some more.
“ Then we will let you think about it, so please go to your rooms”, we all left the room. I was looking for Branden. But I didn’t need to, he found me. We walked to my room, he was about to kiss my hand and say good night when I pulled him in my room. As he should there confuse.
“ I need to talk you, about what my mom said about you dieing…” he looked at me then hugged me, then pulled me to my bed, laying me down like I was about to sleep.
“ You can talk about it I do not mind it”, I now he did he had this moments.
“ I wish for you to stay here with me just for the night”, I am afraid that I will have a nightmare tonight. As he lades beside me, he sang the same song over and over again until I was asleep.

I was right I was having a bad dream about what happened so long age. Branden was 13, his sister was 9, and I was 12, and where playing in the forest. Branden could not find his sister he looked behind so many trees and found her lying in front of a tree where his sister was no longer breathing and was died. As I looked behind a tree to find Branden, a man came behind me, as I closed my eyes and screamed, Branden was running to save my life, the man was getting his knife to kill me. I was scared and began to cry. A minute later the man was died, his blood on my white dress. Branden got a cut on is right arm and out of strength he fell to the floor, and I ran to his aid, he hugged me and said he was happy that I was alive. And I was the only one he cared about from then on out. He made a promise to protect me at all cost, life or death. That was the day I realized that this is what was going on outside, and I promised my self that I would not cry until this war is over. Still, a day later a nether friend died in the forest. Then more friends, my mom made a note t herself that no one else could go out unlease they where in the army.

As I woke Branden was their sleeping beside me, hands around my waist. I was trying to get up, but he pulled me closer to him. I smiled then pulled his hair to one side. As I was just about to wake him up, there was a knock at the door. As Branden let go of me I walked to the door and opened it very slow tiring not to wake Branden. Branden was still lying in bed not harmed in any way. I looked out the door to find Cody. I opened the do to see what he want?
“ Yes.” I tried not to sound mad.
“ I wish to talk to you alone in the meeting room. Between King and Queen”, I was shocked it was Cody. I looked behind me for Branden was back to asleep.
“ Yes, I will meet you in there, but let me get dressed”, I was still in my dress from yesterday.
“ Ok I will see you there”, and then he left.
“ Brendan get up”, he finely woke up from is sleep.
“ Cody Lionsmate, wants me to meet him in the meeting room”, I as telling him. He goes up when I said his name.
“ What does he want with you?”
“ I do not now ”, unless he wants to talk about this war. “ I will be right back, do not worry, ok.”
“ How can you say do not worry, because I will, what if he wants to kill you“, he was not looking so I slide out of the door in the room.
“ I am sorry, but you have to trust me. I will be back.”

As I walk down the hall. I found the door to the meeting room. And there he was sitting in the chair, waiting for me. I walked in and sat on the opposite side from him. He looked at me, like he was tiring to read my those.
“ So, what are we going to do about this war”, I know he called me here for this. And I am glade he did so.
“ If we do get married, It will be a unhappy marriage, but we can make it work”, he was thinking of things that would work.
“ I do not think that would work out for Branden will never give me up no matter what.”
“ You will never now until you talk to him.”
“ He would be very upset knowing that he would have to give up on me for me to save my people. My people come first.”
What else is there, we are at war with the bears and you.”
“ You are fighting us and them, you are losing more people. That must be hard.”
“ Yes, it is”, I had to think of something. He was losing a lot of people in two wars at the same time!
“ What if we fight together as one hole army?”
“ I do not know if that would work, but it is a long shot. If it does not work like planed then, we have only one thing to do.”
“ Are you shore you can take it?”
“ Well I am willing to make a risk for my people”, I smiled then left the room and there was Branden. He was happy to see me alive. But I had to tell him the chooses I had to make for my people.
“ If that is want you want then I will not stand in your way. Your people come first like you said”, he was calm about this. The only other person I have to tell was mother. I wonder if she will do what I wish for this world to stop this stupid war. As I look for her, she knows where to be found. Then one of the guards tolled me she wanted to walk and talk to someone alone for the afternoon. As I walk and talk to Branden in the halls about the plan I have in my head. He said he was hundred percent with me. That made it more confident about it. I later met up with Cody and said that we should go for the together war part. He was happy with what I have done to make arrangements with everything. He was going to talk to his people later and get back with me soon. As we where about to leave, I was off in the hall I loved so much for I still do not now what they mean. As I harried up for everyone was waiting on me. As we where off I did not look back for we weir going home. We where half why home, sweet home, sweet bed, sweet town my homeland, I was off in space when a arrow was shout at me, and got my side, I fell on the ground with pain. We where under attack. My people were shouting to get my mother and me to safety. The only thing that went throw my head was that my side was on fire, as I was lying there still on the ground afraid to move. Then I herd Branden voices telling me that it was going to be fine, he was going to protect me at all cost, like he always said. I blacked out, only seeing the tree tops then darkness.

Then I herd voices talking.
“ Miss. Sandra, I hope you can here me, but you have to stay in bed for a few days until you are better... Ok”, he cepped on telling me about how long it was going to take me to heal. I black out again. Later I herd some more voices, but this voice was different then the rest. When I woke up, the same doter was telling me that I was not hurt very badly, and was not going to get up for some time soon, I guess he thinks I did not get it the first time. As he left, my mind was going on about how shout at me, was it one of Cody’s men, my head was all most up I could barley think with out getting a headache. I could tell it was two to three days later. No do not be distracted. No, we made a promise, unless he broke it. Cody would not do that. I was not shore yet, but it kept going in and out in my head. The door opened really fast, then Branden ran to my side to comfort me. He must with my hair when he was lading beside me holding my hand, and singing to me. I was asleep in a few minutes. But I did not want to sleep. But the song drifted me away.

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Wed Jul 30, 2008 @ 05:41pm

I messed up on this one when I mean BIG TIME mess up!! sweatdrop gonk

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Wed Jul 30, 2008 @ 05:59pm

Its good!!! Is there more? blaugh sweatdrop heart redface ninja

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Wed Jul 30, 2008 @ 11:36pm

Hey im in this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xp heart I am the body gard!!!!!!! Sweeeet!! domokun

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Wed Aug 13, 2008 @ 01:06am

im taking over this story ill show you at school ok?

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