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My Life Storys
Heres one I am working on right know the name is "Sun Rise"!!!!!! 4laugh

“ Get up its all most morning, you do not want to be late for summer school”, I pushed the bed sheets off of me and put my feet on the floor and yawned. I opened my closet door to find a black shirt with white flowers on the bottom. On the floor where my pants and converse where I left them yesterday, I picked them up and went to the bathroom. I put my close on then pull my hair back so I can wash my face. When I was done I put my earrings in then pulled my hair out of the bun and combed it. “ Mom, I am ready”, I got my backpack I walked to the door, but my mom was there and opened it for me.
“ Thanks”, did I forget to tell you that my whole family are vampires, but me. I ask over and over again when and if I will ever be a vampire and all she said was I hope fate will tell us. I never ask anymore because she says it over and over again. I forgot that I stopped walking and ran to the jeep liberty, the door was all ready open so I just climb in. My mom was in and out of the driveway. I have learned that vampires like to go super fast, like right now my mom is going one hundred like always. “ Have a good day at school”, the car was stopped a few feet from Lone Oak.
“See you later”, I opened the door and closed it right behind me. My mom, of cores peels out, and Magan just watches it drive off in the distends. When Magan was done watching the car she looked at me. “ Hey your up early”, she was running to me now.
“ Well I am not the only one”, we both giggled. “ So did you sleep well.”
“ Yes and you.”
“ The same”, we sat on the pavement and waited for the bus. As we talked more cars pulled up and dropped off their kids. Magan and I watched more and more cars go by then the bus pulled up. We all got on and had to sit two or three to a set. The bus pulled out of Lone Oak and started driving to school. I pulled my MP3 out and put it one thirty-one (that’s the highest it will go) so I could not heir everyone one the bus talking. As the bus moved the picture outside the window changed to trees, then the high ways, and then the school came up. The bus came to a stop and everyone got off. I was the last person to get off, and then the door closed behind me and drove away. Everyone was running inside to meet old and new friends. When I got to the hallways everyone was already in the cafeteria. A teacher was at one of the door and I walked passed him. Then every one that was on my bus was staring at me, I just walked to the other side so no one can see me. I sat down at my empty table, more and more people walk in. Every one was trying to talk over each other and my head wanted to explode then and there. I put my head on my arms, I was tired of school two weeks, and only one more week left then I am out of here. “ Hey, are you sleeping”, I pulled my head up to find Zack. He’s one of my friend’s, well he is more like a brother to me.
“ Did you sleep late?”
“ Stayed up until two in the morning, I forgot I had school”, he sat next to me. “You need to sleep at night, or are you a vampire”, I froze at what he said. Then somehow I opened my mouth.
“ Please, vampires are only myths. Only in stories and legends, they are not real”, he lighted. I just got last in my thoughts, if vampires are true what about witches and werewolves? Where they real too. Then I looked at Zack then around the room. “Hey, where’s your girlfriend?”
“ She is going to be a little late today. They went out of town and they where late last night”, so she did go out of town, she had to see her dieing aunt. “Oh.”
“ So are you going to be quiet today or are you going to be loud?”
“ So what I have to have your permission to talk”, his eyes got big. He opened his mouth and then shut it. “ Hey, Cheyenne, calm down I can heir you from the door.”
Chistal sat on the other side of me. I looked at her to protest, but she started to talk. “ Do you want to do this the hard way or the easy way”, I didn’t feel like getting hit in the shoulder, so I just put my head down. “ There you go”, she know I had given up.
“ I do not know what we would be doing right know. We wouldn’t be friend’s that’s one thing”, he was right. She puts us in order and keeps us out of trouble. The table was nice and cold I left my head on it and they talked over my head. I closed my eyes to block out all the noise, but it felled. Then everything went silent, like someone stopped time itself. I looked up to find everyone frozen in place. What is this, this has never happened before. Then someone walked throw the door, but how come he was not frozen in place like everyone else. How come I’m not frozen? He stopped walking and looked my way. I froze on the spot afraid to move. It felt like I did something I wasn’t suppose to do. He fine gave up and started to walk again. He sat at a table all by himself, far way from ever one like we did, like he was different. Then he liked my way again, but he looked at me. I wanted to move, but he was tiring to tell me something. His eyes where soft, and worm. Then everyone started to talk again and he left my gaze. There was something different about him. Was he a vampire like my family? Did I meet him at a meeting with my vampire family? I have to find out if vampires can freeze time, I have not idea if they can or not.
“Cheyenne, Cheyenne, Cheyenne!”
“ Hu”, I looked at Cristal, “ what?”
“ What are you looking at”, they followed my gaze to the guy, then back to me. “ Nice”, Cristal was up and out of her set.
“ Hey, where are you going?”
“ To go talk to him for you. You two will look good together”, I glanced at Zack than back at Cristal. He was out of his set, and was running to Cristal. Zack stopped right in front of her. She looked my way, I shock my head no and she looked back at Zack. She was talking to him, his eyes got big then he looked my way then back at her. Then he started to walk back, but Cristal was not following. I got up out of my set and walked to Zack that was half way back to the table. “ Why is she still going?”
“ Sorry Cheyenne, but it will be good for you to have a boyfriend”, my eyes got really big. “What are you talking about? I never told you that I wanted to be with him.” I walked past him and started to walk to Cristal and the god like human. She was sitting next to him and talking, she giggled now and then. Then she looked over at are table and then at me. I put and nice smile to show her she was in big trouble. I got to the end of the table and stopped. “ Cristal can I talk to you over here”, she looked at me then back at him.
“ I will be right back”, she followed me until I stopped. “ I told you I liked him, I said nothing about going out.”
“ Cheyenne”, she put her hands on my shoulders, “ Are you afraid of being rejected?”
“ What? Shore, yes, how did you fighter it out”, she know I was being sarcastic. “ Its ok I haven’t told him yet. I can tell him you want to be friends”, I sighed, and I know I was not going to get it my way.
“ Fine what ever I don’t care what you tell him.”
“ So I can tell him that you like him”, I turned to look at her, “ I don’t care,” it felt like it took forever to walk back to the table. I sat down next the Zack.
“ What is she doing?”
“I doing care go ask her yourself”, the bell rang and Zack and I walked to class.
“ That’s what did you told her, whatever”, he was going to ask a lot of questions. “ Yes, she thought I was afraid of being rejected.”
“ Well… are you”, I looked at him then back down the hallway. I did not answer and nether did he. When we got to class we sat down. “ No, I don’t care if she says some thing crazy about me.”
“ You know she wouldn’t do that to you”, I know that, but she still mite, “ I know that.”
“ Then what are you so worked up for”, just thinking of him makes my mind go crazy and that never happened before, “ I don’t know.”
“ Hey speaking of the devil there he is”, I looked up I saw him, he looked at me, and I could not tare my gaze way. “ Hey, Cheyenne it will help if you breath”, I did what he told me to. I let out a big sigh and looked down at my manga book.
“ Hey what class is he in”, this is the first time I have seen him at this school. “ I don’t know?”
“Everyone sit in your sets”, the teacher walked in to the room. “ And we have a new student today, Dylan would you please stand so everyone will know you”, everyone looked around the room, but I now how she was talking about. He stood up then sat back down, he was in the very back in the last set in the corner. As soon as the teacher started talking I pulled out my spiral and started drawing little people in a town. Zack got up out of his set and I looked up.
“ See you later”, I looked at the time and everyone was getting in there groups. I had her first period so I staid I my set, I looked back down and out of nowhere the teachers hand hit my desk. “ Is my class boring to you Miss. Campbell”, oh god I am in trouble.
“ No, I was looking at my notes that we wrote yesterday”, some on called her name and I tuned the page when she was no looking. She tuned back to me and looked at my notes. “Yes you are looking at them. So then, I guess you have no problem helping Dylan for the day”, he tuned his head and looked at us.
“ No, ma’am”, she smiled them walked to Dylan. They talked for a minute then he got up and moved next to me. Then she came back are way. “ Cheyenne, I want you to help Dylan all day. So go to the back and show him how to get his folder ready”, I got up and mover to the back all he did was follow me like a lost puppy. I showed him how around the school, he did not ask any questions he just stared at me then back at what I was talking about. Sometimes when he was not looking I would look at him face. Then at lunch we got in line and waited, Zack met us in line.
“ Dylan, this is Zack my friend”, he looked at Zack then back at me. “ Hey, do you want to eat with us”, I looked at Zack like he was crazy, but he just ignored me.
“ Shore is it ok with you Cheyenne”, it was nice to here him talk. I smiled and looked at him.
“ Shore the more the merrier”, he smiled at me and did not let go of my gaze. His eyes where so beautiful, they changed every know and then. He left my face and started to walk. Zack pulled my arm so I could keep up. “Cheyenne? Are you ok, why are you walking so slow.”
“ Sorry, I spaced out”, Zack looked at me with confused eyes, but he did not stop walking.
“Shore”, I looked at him and pulled away from him and looked the other way.
“Come on Cheyenne”, he looked at me and I did not look back. “No”, then I heard Dylan’s god like voice talking to Zack asking what happened of cores he said nothing.
“ Cheyenne what happened”, I tuned to face Dylan. “I was talking about”, I opened my eyes and found Dylan’s face inches from mine, I jumped back I turned around to quick and lost my baleens. I closed my eyes and was ready to take on the pain, but I landed on some thing, it was not soft but it was still hard. I opened no eyes to see Dylan’s arms raped around me. Zack was only a few feet away, but his eyes where about to come out. Dylan unfolded his arms so I could get up. His skin was cold like my moms, so he is a vampire, and he know that I would fined out some time today.
“Are you ok?”
“ Can you take me to the nurses”, he looked at me and then nodded. “ Shore, do you want me to carry you or can you walk.”
“I think I hurt my foot”, I looked up at him and he looked back at me. He bent down and pick me up off of the ground. People stared at us, but we both ignored them. The hallways where quiet, “How bad is you foot.”
“ Its just fine. I want to ask you something”, he looked down at me then looked up again.
“ Go on”, want would he do it I ask him he was a vampire. “I know you are a…”, I pulled closer to his ear to whisper it “vampire”, he did not stop walking but he looked down thin back up again.
“ Well of cores you know you live with them.”
“ So that’s a yes. And how do you know my family are vampire’s. Oh, where did we first meet”, he did not say any thing. “ Lest see, we never meet before, I met your mom and dad a few weeks ago at your house and I saw you. You where wearing a black dress, they told me that you always wear black, and I asked if I could live with your family for the summer”, my eyes go big. “ You are staying with us”, he lighted in a handsome way.
“ Yes does that upset you”, well yes and no. “ A little”, he lighted again.
“ How is that”, he was walking slow. “ Because there one more person I have to argue with”, he laugh out loud and it echoed down the hall ways.
“ Well I will tire not to do that then”, I put my head on his shoulder and let his cold skin touch my face. I looked up to see if it bother him, but he closed his eyes like he loved the feeling of my hot skin on his. He walked around the corner at the nurses room, he put me on the bed, and sat in one of the chairs next to me. “ The nurses is not here do you want me to get her?”
“ No, I said my foot was fine”, I put my feet on the floor and got off of the bed. Then I let out a little ow. I looked at him and he looked worried. “ See you did hurt yourself.”
“ No, its nothing to worry about. See I am fine”, I started to walk, sideway. I tripped over my other foot and was going to hit the floor again, but a hand was grabbing at me and held me tight to him like I was in danger. “ You are not ok”, he picked me up and put me back on the bed.

Plz leave comment 3nodding

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Community Member

Wed Jul 30, 2008 @ 05:39pm

Hey I was working on that last night I got to chapter 2 domokun sweatdrop blaugh 4laugh

Community Member

Wed Jul 30, 2008 @ 05:55pm

Why is she human and the family are vampires???? Wow I am so confused!! confused question

Community Member

Wed Jul 30, 2008 @ 10:52pm

Its going to tell you in the next Chapter!!

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