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its a freaking journal it aint gonna bite ya (yet)

so dont tuch the screen in case okay LOLz
Book. Chaper 1
They walked up to a lake at the edge of the forest it was very big and crystal clear.

"Wow its huge!" said the boy
"Mhm...This is my favorite place to go."
"You come here often...?"
She nodded and looked out at the lake.
He looked at her and started to wonder.

"Why do you like coming here...?"
"Because I met an angel here."
she giggled.
"I know it sounds silly but I did. I met an angel here."
The boy still looked confused.
"He fell from the sky into the water and swam over here to where I was. He said his name was James. He was wearing some kind of bag on his back that looked a bit busted up and he said he was in a hurry and ran past me."
The boy just kept on listening.
"He said he was looking for someone. But I laughed at him and asked him what it was like falling from the sky. He just kept mumbling about a girl that sounded like me. He was referring to my mother. She named me the same name as her before she died from being really sick. He wanted to see her and I kept telling him she was dead and he wouldn’t believe me so he ran past me." She looked up at the sky. "I wonder how he’s doing…?"

The boy looked at her feeling bad then could have sworn he saw angel wings start to grow from her. She must have noticed him staring because she looked at him and asked.

"Are you okay...?"
"Uh...Yeah fine...Hey we should be heading back home its getting late don’t wanna stay to long do we...?"
"I guess not the hunterz will be coming out soon anyway. They’re no fun. So lets go."
”Yeah. Mean things I will explain on the way back if you want.”
”No. I think I heard of them its just I never heard them called that. They are black shadow figure type things right…?”
“Yep very fast and very strong. They are the ‘keepers of the lake’ so we need to leave before they come out”

She started to head back but stopped and was starting to shake a little.

"You okay…?" The boy asked
"Just cold and afraid of the forest at night." She didn’t look scared just cold.
"Want me to walk you home...?"
"No not at all."

he walked up next to her and they walked together.

"Will you put your arm around me...?" she asked suddenly
"I’m getting cold... that’s all"
"Oh well then sure..."

He blushed a little bit and put his arm around her shoulder.

"Your so tense suddenly why is that...?"
"Oh no reason come on"

She leaned in on him and they started to walking again. They came to a house that was like a little log cabin.

"So this in where you live...?"
"Mhm... Just me no one else."
"Wow we have a lot in common."
"Your alone to...?"
"Its getting cold and late. You don’t want to be out here when it gets this way come inside. You can stay the night there’s two beds."

She grab the hand that was still wrapped around her and spun around to have more control over it and pulled him inside.

"Now you have to stay it would be to rude of you to just leave me all alone."
"Fine then."
"Here I will make a fire"
"No I will."
"Okay then I'll go make us something to eat you are hungry right..?"

His stomach growled as a response and they both laughed quietly.

"Guess I can make something now then or else you might eat me."

She said with a giggled, and turned on her heal to the what looks like a kitchen area that was full of different kinds of food but it was once that took forever to prepare and cook. So she simply made them sandwiches for them.


A/N: Well are you likeing the story so far please let me know.

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Dixie of darkness
Community Member

Tue Feb 09, 2010 @ 10:40pm

its awesome

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