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its a freaking journal it aint gonna bite ya (yet)

so dont tuch the screen in case okay LOLz
Book. Chapter 2
The boy got the fire going and was sitting in front of it watching its flames dance around. The girl came back and laid the plate down beside him and sat down next to him as well.

"Thanks." He said simply with a smile. She returned with a smile as well.

"I never caught your name." He said to her they finished eating their sandwiches and were sitting in front of the fire place staying warm still.

"Its Eden." she said simply staring at the fire still.
"That’s a really pretty name." He said trying to be nice.
"Thank you." She said and smiled at him. "Your a cutie you know that."
"Wha... Thanks" His face was getting hot and he thought it was the flames from the fire but he was really blushing really hard.
"Hmm... So what’s your name...?"
"Its Tyler."
"You sound like your the cool kids in a bunch."
"What do you mean...?"
"Like you sound like your a really cool nice sweet person and cant help but be nice to people like me."
"People like you…?"
"The ones that are sorta pushy and insist on things sometimes. I’m getting better at not being bossy."

He smiled. "Oh those kind of people. Your not like them trust me"
She smiled. "If you say so."

She looked over at him and could see he was really tired.

"You look tired."
"Yeah long day."
"Well I will show you the bedroom and you can sleep there."
"Your not tired...?"
"I never said I wasn’t going to bed to ya know."
"Oh… well... never mind."

She giggled.

"Well come on."

They both got up and she led him to the room she sleeps in.

"Wait you said there two beds."
"Yeah the real bed and the floor. You can take the bed for tonight."

They heard a scratching at the door.



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