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its a freaking journal it aint gonna bite ya (yet)

so dont tuch the screen in case okay LOLz
Book. Chapter 3
"Domingo is back." Eden said
"Who...?" Tyler replied
"My wolf friend."
"Oh...wait WOLF...!?"

She had already turned to go let him in. He was thinking about wither he should take the bed she was being so nice to him he could at least let her take the bed it was hers after all.

The fire died down and she came back with Domingo. He growled at Tyler.

"Its okay he’s a friend." She said calming him and stroking his head.
"Uh..." Tyler got uncomfortable.
"He’s only warning you its okay."
"Bed time everyone get some sleep"
"Want to share the bed sense its gonna get really cold tonight...?" Tyler asked seeing that either of them would freeze to death if they slept on the floor.
"You sure...?"

He nodded. "Yeah we could sleep with pillows in-between us if you want."
"I'd rather be up close to the heat of someone. My body automatically reacts to that anyway I cant help it. Just thought you should know so you don't think anything else of it."
"No I don't mind I use to have a sister that would do that when she would have bad dreams."
"You had a sister"
"Yeah but I couldn’t take care of her so I let her stay with our grandparents and I ran away from my home and everyone thinks I'm not gonna comeback so yeah. Well let’s get some sleep."

He lay down on the bed and she got under the covers. Sleep soon got the best of them and it was getting colder and colder so they got closer and closer to eat other and was eventually nearly on top of each other.


A/N: Awww now don't you wish you were like them TeeHee

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