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its a freaking journal it aint gonna bite ya (yet)

so dont tuch the screen in case okay LOLz
Book. Chapter 4
The next morning Tyler woke up alone in the bed. Where is she was I just dreaming...oh well wonder if I can find me something to eat...

He got up. Fixed his hair. And walked to the small kitchen.

"Morning!" Called the voice of Eden sounding all happy and cheery
"So it wasn’t a dream" Tyler said to himself.
"Are you awake yet…? You’re talking to yourself. That’s not healthy you know"
"Oh right I just haven had breakfast yet and I’m hungry" He stomach growled in agreement.

Eden giggled and pointed to a low table that was in front of a fireplace.
He looked and there was a breakfast like no other.

Pancakes stacked up high. Plenty of bacon. Scrambled eggs cooked up perfection with a hint of cinnamon on them. Some waffles to stuff in. With the extras butter and syrup and lastly some Orange Juice and Milk to wash it all down.

"Ummm...Ty' your drooling" Eden said shaking him a little to get him to stop staring at the food.

"Its like you were personally sent from heaven to cook me this meal. It’s so much and it looks really good."
"It’s better when you eat it instead of drool all over the place. Do you need a bib...?"
"No" he said coldly
"Well then eat up there’s plenty as you can tell"

He didn’t hesitate to go after the food.

"HEY! Leave some for the cook!" Eden said sitting down at the table.
"Welly goof food" Tyler managed to get out of his overly stuffed mouth.
"Charming" Eden, said sarcastically.

Tyler smiled and swallowed. "I know I am. Thanks for the food. You didn’t have to make so much. Where did you learn to cook like this...?" he asked while thinking. Now is my chance to get to know her better
"My grandmother and my mom." she simply replied
"They taught you well." He complimented. Then he had a weird thought come to his head and he started to blush. Why do I have to be such a guy I just meet this girl and I’m already thinking like that about her

"Thank you. Um...Why are you blushing...?" Eden said in-between bites of her portion of the meal.

"Oh no reason." He looked away and then looked at the food there was still a good bit left well there was some pancakes and eggs left no more waffles and beacon. "Did you make a lot on purpose...?"

She nodded. "Mhm...Some for me some for Domingo."
"Oh I see. Oh yeah I meant to ask how you manage to tame a wolf like that…? Weren’t you scared or something...?"
Domingo, which was laying down by the fireplace watching them eat, lifted his head up at the word tame.
"I didn’t tame him I saved him."
"Mhm... He was caught in a hunters trap and I happen to be there at the time and let him loose and treated his wound and he has been by my side ever sense."
"Ah I see. So your not the one to scare easily...?"
"Not really, no. If there’s no point in being afraid of it you shouldn’t let your mind let you think to be afraid of it."
"That makes sense."
"Of course it does I learned that from my grandfather. And he was the smartest man I know."
"Sounds like a great grandpa."
“Yes he was.”

She got up and put the plate of left over food in front of Domingo and pat his eat and he ate happily.

“Your such a good boy” She said softly to him.

Tyler watched her as she looked at her wolf friend and started to wonder what she was thinking.

A/N: Anyone got a clue as to what might happen next. Or anyone wanna add a side story or something comment or PM me Kay!!!

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Dixie of darkness
Community Member

Fri Feb 12, 2010 @ 04:02pm

its getting better

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