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--------Cherries and Blossoms
OC's Bio, Appearance, etc.: Julius Darquehart
Julius, twin number two.
Birthdate; December 1st, 0878

Name:Julius Darquehart
Age: 16
Bio: If you read about Darmacus City on Julia's profile, then there is no need to explain it again. I'll start off around when Julia and Julius were studying fighting skills. While his sister did Tae Kwon do and Karate, Julius had been studying Jujutsu and Battōjutsu from his best friend/sempai, Toki. He had always been interested in Japanese martial arts, so he wanted to master at least two of them, and he did. But he and his sister were required to know at least one martial art that they both can fight on, as requested from his father. And that martial art was Judo. The Darmacus citizens often gave them strange looks for mastering such arts, because the regular way of Darmacus was hand-to-hand combat. But since it gave them a good name, they didn't mind it. When he received his magic sword from his father, he was beyond determined to become one of Entaria's best swordsman. The main reason was to impress his father, because it felt good to be acknowledged once in a while. Another reason was to prepare himself in battle later on in one of his big adventures. At the time, he wasn't as close to his sister as he is now because they were too focused on how to master many skills that have been introduced to the twins.
That soon changed after his mother passed on.
Because of his sisters' close relationship with his mother, Julius had decided to start fighting with her[Not in the arguement sense, they were fighting as in battle], to see what exactly his mother have been teaching her. His sisters' skills amazed him, and he wanted to catch up to her. Unfortunately, no one had given him a chance because of his poorly built body. No one dared challenged Julius on D-Heart because they were too afraid that they would hurt him, since he looked years younger than he was. Darmacus might've been proud of their strength, but they would never think of hitting a child.
In order to battle on D-Heart, you had to be at least 15, and Julius was discouraged when others thought he was 13 when he asked to battle his sister on D-Heart. Once he verified his age, the Darquehart twins started to battle on D-Heart, improving their skills every way they possibly could.
Julius was astonished when he was introduced to magic. It fascinated him, and he couldn't wait to use it on his opponent to see how powerful he was with it. The only element of magic that he and his twin got to learn was the power of Light. It wasn't his favorite element, but it was better than knowing no kind of element at all.
The twins couldn't master all of the elements of magic because their mother was no longer there to teach them, since she was a Elemental Magic master. They had a tough time finding an elemental teacher, because there was none to be found in Darmacus.
After the twins' father had mysteriously been slaughtered, Julius had been filled with rage. First it was his mother, then his father. Julius had insisted on getting vengeance on his father to his sister, and she agreed.
Once Julia introduced Odin Trueborn to him about the Sacred Time Realm, he had agreed. If that was the only way to reach his weapons and the criminals, then that was what he would do. Julius would seldom going outside of Entaria, so he figured that Odin would be familiar with other countries and the directions on how to go to Mantoya.

Personality: Julius is a rather calm person. He'd take any insult without reacting to his enemy's satisfaction. But of course that was the usual behavior of a person from Darmacus. He's tolerant, but if you get past his limit, things won't go so pretty. He's very loving towards his sister, and would do anything for her, but he longed to surpass her skills. He tries to be optimistic on very dangerious and scary situations. Always looking on the bright side of things. He hates being underestimated by people he isn't familiar with.
User Image
Julius is on the right.
User Image
User Image
Julius is on the left.
Hair color: Gray
Hair style: Just like Julia's, except for his bangs are swept to the left.
Eye color: A deep, dark green.
Other important things::-He's scrawny. :> Just like his twin, he is poorly built.
-Long legs && arms, along to go with a childish face.
-Julius's goal, more like his dream, is to hit his growth spurt and be more manly. So make sure you don't make him too babyish.
Facial Features: Under his left eye, there is a regular "S" with a dot above it.

Clothing and Weapons:
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[That's right, it doesn't belong to me. 8D]

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