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--------Cherries and Blossoms
Shenara Valoria; Chapter One: A new member of 'Cambio'.
"I'm sure Lord Damian will be just so glad to hear that we have a new member to help us change the world, Miss Valoria."

Shenara Valoria nodded at the captian with a fake smile placed on her face.

The captian of one of the groups of the cult called 'Cambio' smiled back, tucking two pills in between Shenara's hands, "These are for when you have certian troubles. Take these treasures and all of your pain will dissolve quickly."

Adamme Damian was the head of the deadly cult, and the members refer to him as the great Lord Damian. It is rumored in other countries that he is a diabolical genious that brainwashes the strongest citizens to become a member of his new cult. He claims that he wants to change the world, but really he's secretly gathering up people for an army. And in order for them to stay on his side, he convinces them that he can change the world. Whoever thinks otherwise must take these pills that makes your judgement impaired, but these people think it helps with some kind of pain.

And how Shenara knew this? Well because, she has been spying on this 'cult' for quite a while now, because it was orders from her boss. She studied the members' activity and behavior, and it had confirmed her suspicions. But in order to get more information, she had to get a little bit closer than she was by looking from a distance.

Damian had did well, targeting people that had problems that included money or despise against the contemporary king that they had in the Crostperal country. Shenara's mission was to assassinate 'The Great Damian' so that this cult will be eliminated once and for all. But this mission was going to take time. She had to gain the leader's trust, and maybe even try to seduce him. Once she gets to that point, she'll kill him right on the spot at the first chance she gets.

Right now she was in the Cambian Castle, the real big deal, where everything takes place. It took a long time to find this castle, considering how she had to earn a whole lot of different people's trust. By doing this, she had earned her position as the second leader of the smallest group of the cult, SACRIFICE.

Of course she had to follow orders from the main leader of the three groups, otherwise they would know she was not really converted. She had to bear with killing innocent people, when from Damian's eyes it was 'Sacrifices' which is why the group had its name. But she knew that once Damian's blood splattered on her hands, she will have served justice .

There were three main groups in Cambio that lead to an enormous army; Sacrifice, Whisper, and Link.

Sacrifice is a group of assassins that are ordered to kill the great leaders of some countries and are to give speeches claiming that they did it for the people's cause, to help change the world.

The Whisper group is basically a group of spies from Cambio, that go into other countries and give reports to Damian on what the country's disadvantages and advantages were, which would help Damian to determine how to invade that certian country.

The Link group was a group where they spoke of Cambio in other countries to try and get more members to help change the world. This group is the most active one. In result the Link has a lot more members than Sacrifice and Whisper.

Shenara stood in the entrance, and right as she walked in she noticed that Damian was plastered all over the place....


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