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Welcome into my mysterious mind.
The rapping is back!
I'm in love the paper, man
Cleanest swash on the block,
I ain't worried bout the caper's hands
Pillbox, military soldier, Lieutenant Dan
Who is the grand? (master)
Who is the top? (spin)
I'd knock em off with my blaster and we'll spread em out thin
Thin is like the air
Come feel my pain
Everyday was another day
Without seasonal rain
We act quite swell despite the fact we're living in hell
Every man you ever known was going to jail
Every kid on the block was trying to get crack to sell
Every first teen mother swears she'll love no other
Like the man she's being with
He was quite slick
Worrying only for lustful sh-
And you then ask "Why love paper?"
From a tree to my pocket, more love to spread out later
So I say it again...

I'm in love with the paper, man
Swear to God that I swear not
Ever, to say again
That I'm in love with the paper man
Would love the paperman
If he didn't hold in his hands, the key to the slavery land
Fear in perspective
Our kings are elective
Born from the blood of the fallen
Death is my calling
Dare to spy into the reasonable?
Dare see why life, unlike food, ain't seasonable?
No, cause you know the world ain't that easy, dude
I'm in a sleazy mood
Guns, Money, Bitches, and Booze
It's as black as that greasy crude
And you wanna bring your crew
Then I will bury you
This is not a game, this some kind of war, man
Dripping the red elixir, a fight against the strife
The murderer sees me and he wonders, "What's life?"
"What's right?"
And then you dare ask me "Why love paper?"
I answer: "Cause quantity doesn't mean quality, yet rules, the greater."
Yet moves the beta
To the New Savior!
Move the world, RE-MAY-KA!
We only good for the data
And despite all thoughts,
The rules may not vary later....
but the choices sure do theta.

*Theta - the time decay on the value of an option. If everything is held constant, then the option will lose value as time moves closer to the maturity of the option.

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