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Welcome into my mysterious mind.
I'm liking these new rapping skills
"The government is controling you...
Big Brother is watching you..."
Like a stupid old Cockatoo
Claiming who's a "Duck, Duck, Goose..."
I don't wanna hear
For if it were true,
What the hell are we fighting for when it's just Me and You?
If he didn't hold the key to the slavery land in his hand
Maybe I would trust the paperman
I feel as though everything that I'm sayin'
Ain't true till we plannin'
A revolution, the people demandin'
I'm branded
With the seal of new hope
We can all be Lukes
And the government, our four fathers
Darth Vader or Dark Father
The martyr of the true people
Those with true equal
Who knew evil, was upon them
Knew it would outrun them
They turned around and outgunned him.

I guess there's a difference between Heaven and Hell
But when Hell is Heaven and Heaven is Hell
No more will I dwell in empirical light
I'm not feeling it's right
Feeling them light-weights fall off me as I break bread with the newborn
Sad that will be the only thing they get in a world of scorn
My soul is now war-torn as I lay my eyes upon the planet
I'm feeling it dammit
I'm feeling the granite brush up against my feet as if I was defeat-ded
No longer will I wait in hunger as the devil comes with armor, Impenetrable
Like a serial rapist my very mind as penetrable as those I penetrate
Not very great for he who calls himself man
Damn I guess "that's just how it is"
Don't lie to me b***h
We know there's more to miss
We covered in His, sight
So why not show His, right
He gave us all His, might
To defeat the improbable demons and all of the reasons
Why not to bring allegiance amongst the fighters
Like them one nighters
We join from one fight
We unite, and we discover
The mother of the nature,
That we hold to be greater.
Thy friend is thy neighbor
Or rather thy neighbor is thy friend
So treat em as such
From beginning to end
"We hold this truths to be self-evident,
That all men are created equal..."
So let the fight begin.

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