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Welcome into my mysterious mind.
I guess that's how I feel deep inside?
rolleyes okey dokey then. You're too harmless to do anything though o.o
Only because I'm a sane man. But everyday, I feel my sanity slowly slipping due to the aggrevating illusion that is the world. As I dare look for enlightenment in the darkness, I lose myself to the ways of those I cast out, doomed to forever dwell in the shadow of my former self as a parasite that feeds on the living as one with the undead. I am undying but lack the true gift of immortality. I have sacrificed my power over nature to gain the power over one man.

May the gods have mercy on my soul for I shall not as I rip through the veil and grab the light at the end of the tunnel, beckoning those that bathe within it to come to my sinful smile. Like the Joker, I am an agent of chaos, yet unlike him, I am an angel of deceit. Am I truly an angel? Or are my white wings burnt black by the fires of the Hell I have resided within? What am I really? Am I a demonized man trying to renew that once lost grace? Am I just a life form reaching for divinity in the night sky to say my prayers truthfully at night?

What does it mean to be sane? What does it mean to be human? Are the two intertwined? Or perhaps they are one in the same? Sanity is a state of mind created by the human condition to explain that which he/she can and cannot accept in the view that survival is a must just as they have been programmed by nature, the witch that enchanted them to believe so. The enchantress first crafted mankind from her soils, making golems of simple goals, but then she enchanted their minds with greater thinking, challenging them to strive farther into the abyss of space, the very dark sea she herself cannot know.

Sanity is a freedom in this blissful lifestyle of ours. No wonder so many die in this millenium despite our grand achievements in medicine and technology. Only the strongest survive, but strength is being measured in mind and not matter. In will and not power. In logic of self and not force of body. Where is a sane man to go but up? What is he to do but hide behind the covers of despair? I give not a damn and neither should you. For in the end, we know only two truths: "What happens, happens" and "You're only human".

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