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Welcome into my mysterious mind.
Ode to the pirate versus ninja war
Vicious eyes, white brow
You are unwarned when I lurk and prow
So what now?
You wanna pull out facts or stick to unproven lies?
I dare ya to jump the gun until you realize
that I'm not one of the undersized
I'll kill you and all of ya pirate folk
I'm the topics of legends and tales and not those label as a joke
Just like you and all your crew. A hoax!
I'm honored by blood,
Not by the laws I broke
Yet my ways are still considered lawless
I keep ya ready to meet Freddy in your nightmares until you "off this"
Or should I say when you give up
You've had enough?
No, I don't think so
Let's bring out the true facts
The list is kind of long so, Namiac relax
Cause you're gonna be here for a little wide
As I preach the style and the arts that bring wow

I hide in the shadows?
No, I'm above them
First rule of being a ninja is to live without sin
Your kind was made from the struggles with evil within
My people were made from better reasons that you couldn't follow
The first could rebel their kings successfully...as he shall shallow
The poisons brew by our kunoichi
Master of darkness but in light we brought chi
Cause you can see me, right?
Day or night
Cause I know that pirates weren't exactly bright but they knew bout vision
Handicaps...Man this suck a** competition
Who the hell are you to complain about size?
Girl you better ********' recognize
That these skills are a form of advancement
Your weapons? Are a form physical weakness, dammit!
They're made to kill faster not with honor
The blood that made masters is not dishonored
By the league of true men or even the women
Why the hell are most pirates not good at swimming?
Cause once that ship goes out, you ain't nothing
"Landlubber!" you call me
At least I'm not bluffing
At least I can float on water, chick
And I'm a loved husband
Cause as ninja, I have a family
Not the criminals I can't trust
And in this business of war...Honor amongst thieves is a must.

You cannot challenge the historian
He holds the truth
I've discovered each life
Now here's the proof
Deuce b***h cause I'm the duke!
Now try to beat my flow
When it's soul produced.

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