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Virtues Of Life
A Philosophy containing the values of mankind to reality and a story from perspective of my mind. But the truth is, others may have lived it, to memory of much remains. Conflicting is the thought and life of myself to mankind.
Godlike Mercy
Keep truth in thine heart O nation. For godly inherit the kingdom aside of symbolic to wickedness. He abhor the judgements unjustified without cause for which I too a man must practice our sanity yet cannot live or am not worthy of full. The Lord spared Zion but have not mercy upon the branches of liars who provide heresies of each without reproof. For I of many as one descendent grew up with many global.

In truths that are of one, and not first mine, it is without excuse that I should judge any without encountering first their deed, but reflecting on the origins of heart shall many learn from the first. It is adaptive in us as Christians loving, to be merciful on the good and the wicked for those whom have persecuted. Mankind has committed heresy and built the devils temple of the East rather than the West. The Devil's and his servants are what people were up against. Evil is before the eyes. Yet a past time is of ancestors and spirits. These are elder affairs. O descendent, cast forth your message and wake up your arms to family for the love of God that refines.
The God in flesh is mortified, but thine spirit is engraved of laws from whom so whose times we inherit. I too a descendant.

We became the enemy of our crucifix, that being death unless change to manner, to spared am I by mankind unless one asks to bring it up again in distinction. They rush tribulation by the Christ or scripture, blaming the belief and others deprive themselves to choose wickedness over the purity of justices.

But they fail to question their own reasons to that which connect us universal that break. One belief seen in fallacy must also be accepted of its truths for whom the natural order exists and not that which is man-made corruption to broadcasted political propaganda.

People seek balance through the meditations of spirit and flesh though energy is vital and temporal as material to gives some a peace. The source of life is manifested before me in vision blurred though the whole does not make one of good or wickedness immortal.

Life inserts itself unto its own being. Because I have a rebuke, we each as sons are mortified. For a Lord shall teach everyone as sons of God to reproof and not just rebuke.

Yet holy is the purity of radiance which shines brighter than its persecution or morale association of affection. Love and compassion are indeed a part of the each other. For whom has power and cast it down before the first with held compassion?
Is it not that a Lord had compassion and was true? Or life meaningless a shell of wickedness for which thought inherit? In purity was the Lord over me a Lord and not the bane though one could have a line of holiness for whom describes good isolated with wicked.

The wicked shall teach us the injustices - the pure and blame them. The ancients fail their way according to Godly distinction to taught us the descendants the memory of good and wicked inheritance. How great firm a foundation O East. For mortified is the man, and we become deep thinkers - to the north and the south and far beyond. O region of West - was home of God and at one point the devil and so also the land is so of East.

Christ of the East, shall judge the pagans who are aggressive of their cultures in terms of sacrifice. But the culture itself is not evil and innocence be found in people. Thine faith is written on the mind and the heart. The world reverses itself as time define not the true and the nature of man create an illusion before the face of truly that which God has given each man. The West whom was sovereign or undiscovered was settled a land of natives - that which knew culture and spirits.

The natives we condemn of their cultures but that this was the society of the regions for whom discovered a land away from their oppressors. There is a mentality scar from people who first sought freedom from the disease of such scars. You were oppressive of your own ethics. O people of law, you developed the society yet are united compared to the land for which you settle and have taken their land.

In time we gave back land to them, but what happened to the people who were naturally born on it? They too were persecuted by their own and others.

You are a nationalistic people of North, South, East, and West. You had grown and learned compassion. This is not about skin as such as life accuse with its prejudice on relations and traditions. Start with unity, equality, and respect among thine people. - To not harm a man, to threaten not, and conceal in thine heart an affection strong for thine partners in loyalty.

To the East and West and North, and South of lustful passions. You made life into a creature. But such is seen before the man to reflect thine fears or expression. My God in spirit will correct my purity. Nor is it for life to dictate any man or women unless law binds the incidence of heart to corruption of the body.

Does the Lord support homosexuality according to my scripture and not just a man. The answer is uncertain of spirit but scripture tells me no as written by man and pure morals. Man is born and unborn as an Androgens creature.

What I mean by this, is those who are born of certain parts of the body with that crucifixes by the such of their doctors. Others some are not. Yet the body is not made to commit lust among men and women but to mate and treat others as a sister or brother. Though the Lord created what was pure and right in the mankind for what is pure.

For a man to treat a man or woman not properly is abuse of the body.
For a woman to assert herself as a bride or slave to a woman is wrong. Men same.
But these are consequences of the lusts and affectionate pieces of failed hearts to that of what is the thought of a man to love his brother, sister, or be affectionately, to dramatized in confusion or not taught.

Someone once asked me a woman, is it strange that I love another girl.
As a man you would expect a yes or no answer. This I state to them...

A Christian would say this... if true though some would consider the arguments....
That one is gay, which is not true of me...
To that of one is afraid of the world which makes a gayness out of what is straight.
And it is not natural as that of Sodom and Gomorrah that a man have sex with a man, or that of an animal to be into a man or woman as that of Genesis.

These concepts are not proper to man but people do it with a sickness and it is advertised in a sad dark world.

You love who you love to that of as long as there is no harm of the body to touching.
I will not persecute you for love though what I was taught teaches us to persecute.

And it states homosexuals will not go to heaven but hell. No I do not support naturally this. For the body is made by God or develops in the womb from existence unless made by spirit. It is not up to me but God in spirit, to decide who or what goes to heaven or hell.

I long not for heaven. I long not for hell. For heaven and earth pass away, but the word or memory of my Lord is eternal. Had wickedness and goodness existed, things pass and energy to mind is formed. Sometimes the mind fades and cannot face its reality. But the words which did exist are eternal even among their passing. Such be spirit.

It is from the verse that originally states this. That the word of the Lord our God is eternal.

If one is not happy with themselves, they change their body into a sickness unless unfortunate the surgery or defect of circumstances. May not the spirit or man deny its young the chance to live. But God speaks for the born and unborn.

How the a Lord, not God, wishes he could be a father to a daughter or son.
His wife is barren, with condition, or he committed himself to love.
Yet love is aggressed or taken advantage of, or the Lord becomes a creature.
Such is the need for socialization in the context of a man to know their own.
Life has its own personal affair in spirit. The body tries to assert itself for lust.
That is the conflict of flesh and vitality.

What is inherit of habit is based on our elder. It is the descendants whose hearts we inherit though life is naturally pure. Not knowing the intentions of life grant us a choice to the mortality and way of being. It gives people a sense of freedom from that system which so binds them to a choice of do or die or be accepted and follow a path. Eventually they lead to different or similar destination.

For we have looked upon our heart and saw how it regretted much of its discernment. Was it not for 2000-4000 years they did not understand a lesson because they had vandals and leaders of own. To that of whose affair was of law which gave up purity? It was within and without from around the world till the world became civil and understanding though wicked spread forth the roots of incarnations, resurrections with shadows of falseness and reinsert us the goodness.

These lands spread to attack the West and their mindset spread far to where the invaders of each attacked the lands. But the nations around above and below are to blame to that which grows within to aggress its own contradictions. I an observer understand in one sense who came first before one was born yet these people become uncivil or the worlds in reverse teach one another of their lands.

Maybe I knew not you, but I too understood that you had seen the back and the face of God. As if life could not or redefine itself. God states his mind does not change. Which makes one omnipotent. Thine power manifest the spirit to flesh and not always flesh to spirit.

I am not playing the deity card. It is truth one admits to what others had defended with courage whereas life and I became cowards but some stood assertive for their faith. Other cowards good and wicked as self use the media. But there is an inspiration of much to give reality. We shall not assert ourselves to what is false but truth.

Some as I were as the thief, yet we too became protectorates not out of choice, but responsibility. This is not the murderer by choice to corrupt goodness unless Christ contradict the soul as that of Saul. For cultures will protect their own way to mankind is greedy with material and much on earth of inheritance. What is fair is that memory is preserved and not destroyed of others to some artifacts strictly to exist of powers that destroy is to be kept out of the reach of what is destructive.

Such powers relate to ancient way. Others some objects. Though they are power, they the usage can be used to form and create what is good rather than evil in retrospect. The power of truth and wisdom prevails over all compared also to the work of hands. It is by deeds to memory by which much is recognized. At least in my mind such is so to life proven of itself.

Battles of retaliation are not always a winning battle. For thine truths will eat away thine sanity. They use faith to attack a man rather than to heal them. The world is evil before the eye, to many teachers do hide these things from much unless it is unstable or non-beneficial. There is a time to reap and sow, but that brings among sorrow. To grow in happiness is seeking truth in peace.

As fore with, knowledge bring forth sorrow, but better to stay with recognition.

Get rid of the dictatorships that try to conquer a land or more through the law. The people of their oppressors. Let the people care for their own in a dying world and rebuild the land to let the lands heal. Not disturb the nature's bane to that of cause a sickness among population.

Get the council of the law that heal not the land but destroy, and bring about them to lose their own guards. - Refers to the democratic policies of immoral actions that are justified but considered murder. These are not democratic and republican only. These are justified as demonic concepts that construe the man and bind them to a system of slavery. So is motivated by people who support injustice for others to persecuting their truths unless accuracy can reprove and not manipulate.

I saw the house make a fool of itself to that of great law beyond my years.

You promote abortion with intentional murder to without excuse of rape culture you are for the death.

You are prolife you prolong to protect life without excuse.

Yet the woman it is her body, and therefore her choice to have. The criminal will assort and the law not promote safety for the mother. The mother in carelessness should give birth at her digression that she be not careless but assertive of her being.

From these the parents are like drunk or multi-relational by choice to commit wrong to self harm and that produce innocent life affected. These are choices some of the young that they too want to be responsible and or free from their families to that of make a living their own.

Correct me a man for speaking of women. They are not objects. But they are loved by God as mankind though my belief speaks unkindly of women due to spiritual and love affairs.

Love thine wife and commit not an affair.
What I mean is... love as thyself, and not have a relation at the same time as another to the young and that of be pure in honesty. If one is taken advantage of, oppress not, but reconcile thyself and mortify strongly to make live thine reasons to love with affection towards that which is loved. Turn not evil on them but pray for thine oppressors' to change or move on, or repent and return. It is better to some say not to be married, for the body is the temple of God. But this concept is void in understanding to some because in heart they have sufferer pain or do not believe.

If one truly grows with love - they shall act with love. Those who do not shun others with love without excuse as to even what is justified financially, economically, or vocally, to leave the disabled mentally or physically disabled behind and count them not as people.

Correct if one can the vision for which a man perceive if so it is false in way without violence if his thoughts of spirit so inherit manifest before mankind and is evil.

The individual prayer is meant to heal a man to that of traditional love.
For only sincere prayer can call a person back from the dead and heal them.
If one has lost their life or spirit, what can heal? Indeed is it of a heart to form or reform in a shell? Life reteaches itself whole as a child to adult mentality.

In truth, the body there is three hearts. One in mind, one in body, one in spirit. A trinity. Just like the father, the son, and holy spirit. Though different yet of the same essence, they work as one.

Question the policies and failures of the leaderships - from there reputation and honesty to admit, so bring forth the features and success of others to that which makes itself a place to live if so law promotes among us the common man.

Hold the proper people accountable and not innocence for the crimes that are committed. If one is not held accountable, God is just to weed them out to society redeem of itself.

One who is without blame, cast they the first stone to accuse if so one has wrong? Then one is a heretic and a liar. But each one of you without sin, do you condemn one or another with sin? If so, it be of thine choice to condemn or not condemn if the person be caught in sin.

An example of biblical passage was the woman caught in an affair.

Jesus said... Woman, have none condemned thee. She states no. He makes a choice of mercy, saying neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more.

To sin is commit a crime or vital wrong with against man, God, and or a wrong which requires a sovereign rebuke.

They who state they have no wrong these were such the scribes who change history falsely, to Sadducees or the beatitudes who knew not the resurrections of spirit, to Pharisees who say they are children of Abraham but are not because they do not the works nor contain them rather at heart the deeds of what is of Abraham.

God shall remember Israel and their sins. But a nation gathers its independence in modern day formed by the hearts of its people. The same goes for each land of the desert. To that of we the West, understand we were not the East yet alike.
We grew up in a modern world with a changed culture.

The templars to many monks and others to that of holy kingdoms - thirteen and not just seven nations... A history of who represented a true coming of Christ.

Were of the first Byzantine to guard, attack or rob of churchlike treasures, or empires to the dark ages of 400 years, where with a spirit or voice of God did not speak. But they cursed the people in acts of violence using purity as a guise for wickedness to persecute the purity of many. People fought. And much was scattered. From generations of violence came out much to where the world was ripped from the pages but the destruction left a peace eventually through methods which the world was preserved.

These people died for their faith to guard the holy land from the invaders and some of the world knew not the legacy of they. The Jews a people fled from the land.

Life stereotypes a group for the world's violence. Because these were oppressed people. They could not take them in, and much was wicked of their roots.
Nazis and anti-nationalists persecuted innocence of a race to more of people.
To that of Marxist Communism in cultures. These also persecuted their own and left many people poor as leaders got rich to others find out what to make of life.

First to twentieth century pass.

The crusades and world wars ended in my time or millennium. Then the plagues of many from a land try to attack and accuse the land whom involves itself in a world to protect itself from oppression as so did the others.

In my time, a continent died for the worlds mistake because we lost many people in 9-11 due to the East and our own law for which the elders had their issues to make a world their own. These people were not civil in their own way but stole richness from others of population.

But I say to them, we had a history of your own ancestry, for which your blood was also of mine the European to native since the nations founding. We had a constitution or settlement where people were once united not so.

But diversity is of its people. I am responsible for your blood says God to me and am justified in my thought. And I hold you accountable to the deeds of ones heart as self. I delight not in the sacrifice vain to that of your prayers and cries are unheard, till the time you search for me with your heart full. Innocent as a child, you must be reborn again, and not act a child. Regardless of purity or passion, one is innocent and blameless and suitable for the circumstances of a cross unto the death. Yet I had sent my son and he and others died for you in your place. Persecute not, and remain, and be holy O nations before God the first and not I.

So states a Lord not as powerful that sought the Lord as a child. Yet that Lord is not God yet of God's rest and a piece of a Lord. He holds memory of compassion, and from knowing his own heart besides that, there is no grudge in him.

He is slow to anger. Or confused is one as a man. His vessels are filled with righteousness as a magistrate. Yet is not hunger for power. He is with love for life unto the end to new beginnings. Expandatory is my Lord - this man's God. And life he does preserve to that point where life denies its own or accepts its own namesake to glories. As that of memory the wicked, the pure told them, you are the Lord's memory, and counter of it.

What is creational is of its work...

True man can blame God for making the devil to man, but it is not justified without acceptance by the spirit of God himself and reasoning contradictory of God's way.

Whoever blames God is of that Devil fallen from pride to demoniac disregarding ethics for reasons of practice and ritual arts to the talent of crafts.

God is righteous in creating divinity of attributes, and each idol before the heart made, can rip through goodness and evil as a truth a two-four-edged sword. God elects the councils of magistrates to that of modern day the people choose the people and that of leaders. For I was to lead or chose a man before you, yet you of them wanted a King. @ Israel and other nations.

Life's true God is no man, but inserted itself to life to become it. Wherewith does the heart of God speak? And life will search for God in the highest of places. and they shall not find his heart.

The prophets spoke of God. There were good and bad of them.

Who was a wicked priest was like that of the one who said, the church is corrupt before me, there I blame it without cause unless there was a problem within the church making the rules for all nations. Define to me the pope who made the law for a sovereign land already under the laws of others - @ America.

Such is the way of the law oppression in an rogue authorial to system.

Because you were demonic the Lord is expressed as a creature and ravaging one became. He persecuted wickedness or held accountable the self.

Life persecuted itself to defend its purpose and wickedness will not stand in the presence of the first as to become immortal.

You built an altar on top of purity, and they practice not the faith with truth.
Your descendants are taught not in an ungodly generation. They have a chance to change with mercy, whereas you could not O wicked. I explain this to the Sanhedrin and the fact Rome would fall for crucifying the true Lord's son and people first.

You want to understand wickedness? Blame you alone and single a side for your idolism, sacrifices, and idolatry, and as Moses did release the Hebrew, he shall release expressed people like the Jews who were persecuted in modern day to a point where only some remember, "let the people go"

America will not stand for it. A chrono-virus and repetition of your past. @ China & Korea. And Russia, who are you to blame, O land technical and ancient? For the Lord knows your Tibetan heart and that of native spirits haunt ye. Define to me the people noble and wise as the monks before... who tore the scripturas or so added pages to make laws of others a non-truth.

Make way, for regression and a Lord's voice. It is not the author typing or stating. But it is of God unless God reconsiders and acts upon not the judgement. For the man stated in his heart, I shall not judge the people and check on the self. Through life mankind has voided the words of a true living eternal spirit called God.

You O Isis you are no greater than terrorists of the east and persecutory of New, for you had defended the old. Antifa is just as bad if not worse for one nation as you who persecuted my to many more beliefs. To that of bandits, you shall not stand forth set by kingdoms and law. The admin to media who support you and repeat ancient mistakes set themselves in trap for their own crucifix. I had seen your archives, so states the author.

Since 9-11, a free land was blamed for idiocy and a leader finally spoke when he took down traitorous men and dictators when the world could not. One leader who stood and described as another was put forth by his people who want peace and prosperity for all and non-violence to one true of a nation's representation, such was the way compared to the dictators and elected officials who once stood where life tries to elect falseness. They were for many, yet the self passion of powers corrupting them to their greed, it is not for me to speak of elders but God honors not them in memory to they lose their legacy. God has blessed the hard working with truth and though purity has a wicked or non-wicked line, is irrelevant to the hardworking of people.

The media has made you void through life O liars and you are as scribes rewriting history. Preserve O hidden world beyond a Lord's vision, the history of our God.

To such of wickedness of west on western portions of east blamed, you shall not join among devils a man. Grow with thine truth and reflect not the ancient crucifix of persecution. Nor lose yourself to many more innocent to judge but thine own.

It is sad, life would rather have a dictator rule over what is prosperous of each.

Hitler wanted to take over and kill all people in his way. The US president alone is not Hitler yet forced into positions by a previous administration of an oppressively laws to the elders. Yet to defend his people, the president is elected for he is the commander in chief. The military if betraying this and protectorates, what then should settle thine peace when harm is in the way of innocence?

Nations of Russia who manipulate with others that built tech like Germany or UK. Your days are numbered with the transgressors who betray also your own yet adopt other people's lives. To that of China and your region as exploited many and censored their rights to be. You invented weapons of destruction and not to guard or defend. You are worse with the Marxist revolutions to that of discriminately Communists and blaming people with socialistic ideals.

America is a colonial people - the UK and US. They fought alike even if against one another yet lands scatter and break away. Each one of sovereign colonization, one rule by kings, and another by law. You are divided over leaders. Look at your heart. Divide not over party, but discern what is right and beloved. To the oppressor of he that offends a sovereign will for God and other nations, look towards the land of the oppressor and silence the wrong who caused the world's chain. Let not yourself be blamed for ignorance lest seen of diversity, but value thine freedoms upheld a republic for which is truly stood. The English understood you as many wrote books.

Islands of the seas, are a isolated place, yet there are many islands that form. Beyond the seas to shiny seas, a merciful and not so merciful. Their cries ring out, like that of the suicidal to that of modern day Japan. - It was hence during a time of war that a catastrophe happened. But alas... Korea would betray its agreements because they do not want peace some but war compared to those who learned a lesson.

To the Mideast - Respect thine brother and values to treat thine neighbor as thine way. Be not consumed of idolism in thine heart. For God shall see through us each.
You taught the world a foundation. Grow strong and seek not what is a false Christ. Seek after thine Lordship with truth and spirit in God.

To who can teach God? When God knows all besides the author and that of many councils? A man can learn first to twenty-century knowledge to a limit of what is definable or discoverable within reason.

Do not destroy truth or oppress thine descendants of reputation for repetition. This I see of the world in its wickedness.

Become not the rogue developer who said in their heart...
I shall build over, destroy, and gain. For these people will be caught in their deepest hell to the satisfaction of temporalism to imperial.

Even they have cheated.
I blame the developers, people who steal and falsify, to that of the groups who killed reason with truth. I am not God, yet in my heart I felt remorse. Rebuked by God, and hated by man and loved. So was Christlike. Anything against or for destruction is antichrist which God shall be in control over to challenge it. Mankind cannot erase the truth of peace but create an artificial reality.

Indeed mankind is human, as am I the author.

Blame not a single race for the world's gynecide, but rather preserve the world record with accurate chronology for the mistakes and protect our lessons.

But thine world O spirit in memory, shall last forever over the flesh and mind of my soul to us. - so states the author.

God shall witness my deeds if unseen by mankind. And thine treasure O hope... is dedicated in first Lord to the names who protected and were forgotten of it.

Had there been 50, I would not have destroyed it.
Had there been 10, I would not have destroyed it.
Had it been I will at last say for the sake of 1, would I not destroy it.

Yet sadly there were none who respected the Lord compared at the time of Lot.

Modern day, is no different from its past besides that which is manmade has harmed natural order. And life and Godlike hearts shall heal it.

No man is God, but man ate of the fruit of life and knowledge.

Isis tried to destroy Christianity, and you cannot protect the old without the new.
The goddess of the Moon Hecate and wickedness will not stand before my Lord.
For they are idols among mankind and I say this not because one is a woman.

Destroy not goodness to bring back misconceptions of the old.
To the old will one day find compassion in their truths.

Is why some of us accuse a thing called black magic to accidently the healers with whatever issue or craft. It is ancient but sorcery to witchcraft and divination which is not proper in the concept of God to religious stability in natural sense of life.

Let there be peace in soul. For I have mercy on the healers and the descendants.
So I speak a Lord's voice, though one is not God.

They are to be able to practice their belief expressed - the decedents of us to research limit. To that of I hold them to be more responsible than us my time to the first. For I had seen them through the thinking of my mind.

When in doubt of spirit, believe unto what thou art proven.
Understand thy way to know thyself then accept or deny.
The choice with God is a life affair for us the man.

Yet the devil tried to take our defense fallen of pride to be alike with power...
The mankind, will be prepared some day, to see God's glory.

The flesh or piece of God alone cannot perceive God.

Nor can the spirit of darkness to goodness acknowledge but for the fact God grants them to that of them reborn hearts in shells.

In this a healing of the man to that of life to define itself not a creature.
Regardless of how morale one can be, if true, there is true repentance to God.

A note to the rings of activist and hacker rings in my past...
I had seen them ancient in craft... I had seen them fall to that of cry out and accuse purity for wickedness and many as me found taking a depression pill. So Illuminate (spelled with a K for Kill-Lumen) and Anonymous. Understand....

Violence and logic and heresy shall not stand in the court of the Lord. Agnosticism is against the truth defined by both the logical and faithful with false intent corrupt through an educational background or system will not stand.

Atheistic Satanism to such both against Christianity only or one knows not to many thine compassion within reason against faiths of truth will not stand in the court of the true God or man.

For you of no belief - listen to those that guide you. Understand those who reprove you. For you are not agnostic or heretics, therefore you have mercy.

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