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Virtues Of Life
A Philosophy containing the values of mankind to reality and a story from perspective of my mind. But the truth is, others may have lived it, to memory of much remains. Conflicting is the thought and life of myself to mankind.
Sacrifice of The Withering
The principle of the sovereign, lost in the night’s flight, thine generation’s peril to accustom themselves for the future, or the ways of the world, less progression foresee. Forsaken not is the one embrace of divine kiss. I lose my grip on the sanity compassionate way mortified. Like a covering the vision is farfetched. But thine pure brings forth to we the mercy and thine compassions they fail not. I sought in the world, its endeavors nothing to the avail, but to grow hence of the blessing inherit. Knowing hence, the innocence of each is at youth or in their lack of realization aside from a commitment to action. The coexistence lost among its culture’s kin; They bring forth wrong among morals and repetition. For without the lessons to improvements, the world last not. Without or with memory so vain, it crumbles to the root of its foundation or more concerned the dust. They taught every secret to the creed, and they destroyed with ideologies. Such be mockeries. The deed regresses the hearts. Thine virtuous mementos, treasure delight. Earthly I stumble in my pleasure, yet my satisfaction rest with you O peaceful. For without your love, would they be nothing as the creatures’ eye to man. What truth was it before me which others have broken as the vision slashed itself and those of oppressional power shut the gates of paradise? To define the reality before me. Grow soul ye shell-less. And prepare the truth to emotion room. Efforts partake of the table. Laziness leads to the failure for I had remained plentiful by thine graces. Yet Lord’s rest the truth is merciful and healing over that who remain corrupt. The soul it pines for ye O heart of morale will. I contradicted in efforts to know not originality aside from experience; thine corpse rest unappeased. For the dust seek its breath and it of words to life is spoken. In the heart they value yet proven their worth more than incompetent. The vile are those who judge forth the common man and crucify the conceptual appropriate morale of purity. For generation come, generation go. I among them, an author of integrity with lack of dignity. Hence forth the description was of my boasting and merciless unto our deeds for your consequence was life. Egotistic gnosis on contempt is the pride’s corruption compared to compassion. It is seen among the elderly, but hence forth seen among my age the young. Wherewith is your respect a magistrate’s hand without confrontation affront? O elder, I sought in the kingdoms their wisdom and it is fallen before me. Thine history, our story. Wherewith stands your truth. Generational times violate their manner and conspire against the next. Those who remember it traveled farther than I and multitudes kept wisdom but accused are they for the failure thus preventable if concepts applied to rationality. The blessed inherit the protectorate position or the guard. Thus, you O slanderer or body. Their truth capable to pierce or heal. Yet a sword to the wicked or sadist of integrities for their violent indulgence. I judge not, but with justifications to life pertains not to its way. A heresy on the truth and the lie on both sides, ye side with one or the other. Look not unto thine root, look not unto the vitality. If so able, the freedom exists. Hence the reason people destroy or slander compassion of self to worth. Isolated from multitudes, they riot as a rebel, as the core violates its statures respects because they have not the possession or life expertise. Consequence of thine emotion and lack of disciplines’ measure, there is no support for the unstable aside from those of greed. Have they not learned, or they hold onto carnal excuse, to blame the nature as the manner of violators to the physical? Emotional, yes, the beings, yet you tried to control and manipulate, rather than help those who needed it at the time where much has passed and is overturned or due. At their displeasure, they reviled marks hence forth, a social justice. Equality under the talented to the savant or that of the author to the planner, who defended ye? For the cowards lie and speak not the truth though some of us may blast in our truth. It is the lie of the will to inherit from all sides, even the truth remains secret of itself. Am I as a mist, a chaff, yet the earth cannot overtake, less life permit? I speak not against the earth, or its goodness to the vitality which sow existence in the manner of all mankind; for which life denies of its virtuous self-more. Historic and dry is your land The labors are few where there is goodness in thine soul. For they the mortal fail according to their lies and frustrations increase. The knowledge grows forth its ego from observation, yet the sun shortages against my days. Sometimes it prolongs them. The Lords could not overtake, nor could rulers transgress the people fully, yet many slaughtered their own and not communicate, therefore I am merciless against the life for it has grown and been they a snare unto its people for their grudges and criminality. I speak justly not to accuse the source of the first, but that life which did not take its pity upon the merciful to the blameless but to accuse them. They in wisdom with solution shall be crushed beneath the mighty who indeed those of compassion are the meek that inherit. I sought in reason its growth as thine centuries pass of first to modern principles, the world explores of itself and much cultivate. In those races, there is nothing to explore, for the world accomplish it of limitless bounds. They encompass knowing the lands, and on root they cannot bring forth back artifacts of for sanity but fame to popularity while others are lost, and some meant to be buried. Along with the histories, they the stupidity, grudge rather than teach. But it promotes a failure among that of the spectrum to the sectors. Why do you idolize in your heart and have you submissive to an ancient? As I, ye poor soul. Yet ancient of whom? It was in a polytheist world compared to ideals of the selfish peculiar man. They slandered the faith but thine virtue of I we see, is not strength in ye but love. No man who promotes truth that loveth shall persecute thine neighbor mercilessly without a cause, nor do they partake of the table to accept the wicked bane though corruptible or mislead. For they who sought the deeds, are reviled in it to that of welcoming it, the chaos of lies and deception. They cursed me with knowledge, not the quarantine cause of thine strengths less wisdom so be. So stated the author. It is not for me to know everything, but in another land, they ogress against the native man and time has passed where the world be knocked into sense by its curse and naturally caused not only but by man uncivil. They who protected and guarded, were indeed much stable in them? I forsaken the identity of power to see myself in ye O people of my heart. Yet the wisdom of a sage last with the efforts and the heart to retain. Of them the first, they had power, they had the blessing, a will to curse and shame, they were merciless, and others filled with joyous reason as so to contain the alternate. The cultist and the researcher to that of the theologian, they are reviled by the truth, for which we to each stumble. Yet among them a rock, a one and sure foundation. It curses the world, the foundation rock, yet blesses us a new world. Why do you ask, are they tormented so by their living? It was defined by their manner in conduct. So. among the council, they perverted the instruction, and the councils of thine own glories. There is nothing more I feel like I must learn besides to admire thine way O earth for the misinterpretations and lack of history to subjects not given secure eye to protection. But honor not I this world, for I seek it not, nor of its heaven, nor of its hell, though granted if so permission among them asks to that of vileness will seek to interpret people for weakness. For the values consist of truth, though I blasted from the ease of my stresses. Can the one in the free choice accept responsibility for their sides cause? Sadly, I had seen leadership argue among the courts to liberal rebel in the law but of the respects being younger taught by eldership, it pains one compared to the mass for which I would not want to handle but must accept the burden. They show forth no consideration despite the fact of control on all sides. Rather than for the mandate, suggest to them the aptitude of safety for them to be able to cope and learn. Instruction to the wise, among the simple including the observer. Much I had forgotten, or refused to do, cause life considered me a failure, to thine own, they transgress me for the conditions one has. But to you O compassion, they understand the anxiety aside from seeing the chaos and grief of hearts to break the man to the break. I shall not knock one into the dust, as they had questioned I for the integrity less I boast stupidly at my ego. For if someone states to you what is a craft, rather to rephrase that question is such that one cannot explain the difference, what is the skill or method to them rather than a construction for a group? This explains word to reasoning with lack of understanding that one cannot treat every man the same even when they are cared for to provide an opportunity to grow. But tell this to those of social anxiety. For these people are annexed from the generation of their time less they remain popular or somewhat known in the world. Its conception is sad among the disabled to those who were shunned for their conditions not to understand why indeed they as others are different. Life will see the mortal sin but judge according to its wrong rather than for the correctness of standard. The tiredness of them the elder, there is a shortage of intellectuals and workers. Nobody wants to be useless, yet others feel not the need to work because of over supplement. Meanwhile, the promises are broken from them the provider, who stated they speak for the people so when also they do not. It shows the wound of they a third-rate world according to the treatment of its culture apart from the environment. Like that of a ration. In the place of the free, the world grudges because they see not and are ruled or is all they ever known. But knowing the vileness, it does not change the heart because their deeds were confronted yet they refused to change. In my way, I express for them a deep sadness yet unaffected, I see light fall on me to thine sepulcher is of you the people. Each day soberly in the back of my head these thoughts, I have sympathy or empathy for many. Yet I am not to show deep regret for those who refute the promises of so deep trust or compassion. In their words to action they speak, yet some define life by action to words. It among the like compare for the world wants to see a death of life as a sacrifice to our God, or my LORD. I see it a flame beyond them and that of the cults for each one vain as I they are unworthy less show comes forth thine memories chain and not to be eaten up by idealistic thinking to sacrificial means. They had burned the encampments and the last of them who remember. For a new generation knows not who or what vessel partakes of its own. The memory live on compared to what is eternal. Shall not the scar be felt with a mortal wound? A scar blow to the chronological. I am no deity, for I too am a man. I refuse to be called an entity. I sought a truth beyond glory which indeed serves me a purpose, it of life beyond my vision, so is everlasting. They who care not have lived an earthly life, unlike I to observe it of them suffering as me wanting to know wherewith is life’s truth. Of its own, it seeks the most capable, but unto them, the adversary takes the heart. For their strength is their own undoing unless they cross paths of many glories not to argue or fight with fear. There was no intention of wickedness, but love in the soul till others spew it from their crown. The pride knew its fall, before me but boasting of power, it being a seed. There was darkness in it and I cannot blame it for the modern whereas others were willing to accept it. It glories shield of purity, sought me knowing the truth for which I sometimes as well regret. When I sought you, I see not, for life cannot approach, or refuses to approach, for it has known all things, has witnessed all things, and deems all things. Your emotional well-being, spiritual, or physical, a meta science of cultural sector. You had endured greatness my mortality to understand yourselves as divine. Thine teachers and councils, they were not always wicked, ye they invested in thine livelihood. Perhaps they set up a shield to secure a death sentence. Your holy ones shall not see corruption. For I being holy and not so, but myself, who am I to judge but knowing my way? If my mind were truly silent, for which I claim under a great depression, it cries multitude of centuries whereas nothing returns. How am I found blameless among you? Who put me in the position of my LORD and that of the ancients? For that, I am envious, but I am also merciful. For my compassion and reasoning they knew not, nor did I know it of myself. As I observe your way, you O humanity, with your cause of leadership and depths to murderous intention, you had fallen from your stature and have written these words unto authors and observations. For the warning is not towards them but the afterwards and during, they refused to rest besides letting others suffer. So, in the demise is the power that controls them. Life is full of greed and a vile task master towards my mind and body. I know, they as a body indeed are the people. The people turned their gaze from God long ago or a deity, yet I sought that foundation stone in my heart, to a point it would kill a man had it not been for his sanity to act sane. He the mankind is a creature but more than this, they are a soul. As any being has a soul of emotional intelligence. They are all each before I to myself, indulgent. Know with, your excuses are racist and nationalistic. A shame to the vitality. So, I know every man to many have preferences. I write unto a people who will not understand me for life and deed, but of its reasoning I had kept. The people whom life betrays, it is best not to be under curse by life or the death, for one was set free. It is that man who must be prayed for that man to live. That means of the noble. The law before me was wicked in a land that was once holy. I curse my people for their indulgence to see before their eyes and do nothing, yet I bless my people for their living and prosperity chance. You O people I judge not but hold forth a wisdom of a magistrate’s power. The leadership failed a people when life turned its hand on you because they were corrupt a world. It will crumble, the councils but they are intellectual fools the actors. He who kills for a life, submits their life’s will. They who slander many and persecute shall die the same or of age to be shunned as the light was shunned of its darkness and the vileness grew deeper with love cold. You used my belief to more as an excuse, what more does the one that loveth do aside from blast within reason? They hold love in their heart to remember. They know your deeds O nation and many more. Stop doing conduct of study on my people, for you are the life without number O world. O sand you have lost your chance. For you rebel and mercilessly kill and slander innocence while the councils of life revile me and to ye we. They sought, and they betray of their own. Do not be tempted but listen to some of them, and no man shall tempt the vitality of spirits. I asked of a LORD named Yahweh Elohim Israel. In that name I trust. In God we trust. America, you are a young land compared to a world but have grown before me. Your law corrupts an unworthy in the eyes of the community of God and man. To the violence of nations, you have shown me a world reverse of its order. You blaspheme your holiness O mockery of the free. For if you sought to control or manipulate or are not free, then one is not at rest or true peace. Who are you to defile the ancient way? It was the ancient that rocked its own foundation to the modern crumbled it to the ground. Risen they the desert storm. The same had happened by leadership to that of the sand. If you are willing O desert to slaughter the innocence. Look to your rock and see yourself a shade O crucifix. I remember them who killed people in a tower and time return as the younger to from its grave the elder ways. Do not think that one law can stop you. For it is they must bomb the desert sands if they were truly wise as to snare you into a city. But then foolish would be to leave the land in the model of Shiloh or a hell. But what have you done to the world; O polytheistic mortified in your thoughts as well O mono-theistic? You are sacrificial and anti-Semitic to genocidal as the blood of law. The life needs to care for its own to that remember thine embraces of sanity. They had persecuted a people of blood, and the world’s is on that man’s head who caused lands of many to perish. The fear you instilled in my people, you O life the author has forgiven, but has also a LORD? I plead a case for you, that primary safety is a function but no council to the truth is trustworthy. I had seen corruption, but the holy ones shall not endure it. Less life asks upon itself justification and refute, the impure shall be as that of silenced or indulgent a world acts its way repetitious. They shall not silence God or its protectors to inheritors. A source of life persecuted, it of life is at an imbalance, so the world is angry with itself or its way. A first century did not love but God, spoke to us many more peace in a world that thinks it knows all. So, by them a voice they are silenced when the hypocrites of the law turn vile. So let the man of disgrace prove themselves worthy. For they cannot knowing the contempt of their pride they shut the gates to those who were holy. For the gates of holiness and councilors were murderous unto their trusts and the source of light within maybe more some a candle shines on you to our witnesses. For the faith shall overcome your evil. As I know I had seen no death before me directly for though I search at times, I cannot find. Hence my Lord protects his holy ones even in their impure action. It is not the intention of the man to spare, but he who makes a choice innocently, but the holy one shall not see corruption. Hence he teaches a purity bright of the world found within the wickedness and the pure. This love, is mercy. And the world murderous killed a people and cults to more on the verge of disease. For what panged them, was their hearts so to make the healing field a massacres'. You had turned the lands of your own and world to hell, O great councils of law therefore the free lands do not adore you and have crucifixes on their land innocence because of you O law makers political of your governmental parties. You are wicked the elder, so end it you fools O nation's rulers as life will not hear your cry till someone acknowledges their truth. It will hurt innocence and many more as my soul but words will heal with true council if you so permit. Do not harm your people's life, for what they had done as with to choose it, was truly corruption upon the land of the living. They shall choose to forget, but see, and their indulgence is repetition. I see them but am merciful, for I grew up with more than this but blurred is my vision. Let my Lord oversee our trials. I know the lands some will not last according to the corruption of each to their deeds. Show me if worthy the truths noble. It was you in the biolabs to the medical field deserves revamped in hell due to their greed and cause of a world's torment. To defund your protections, you are a fool O earth corrupt to harm innocence.

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