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Virtues Of Life
A Philosophy containing the values of mankind to reality and a story from perspective of my mind. But the truth is, others may have lived it, to memory of much remains. Conflicting is the thought and life of myself to mankind.
I abhor it. = An artificial living.

I need more lessons in my life to that of learned a difficult one.

To comply with ridiculous laws of ordinances deemed by businesses and be beat up to called a felon by oppressors if not following man's law over that of God's.

- These oppressors = Family, BLM, people who speak against America wanting to make laws for us, China, Antifa, and other radical groups who want to destroy history and monuments.

The world's view below...

Mostly online to offline.

Dictator accepting world, to that of stupidity and would rather not elect people.
A made up socialistic democratic system under the basis of communism, to that of society that accepts it to force others. Though we make our mistake commonly it is a bias of the heart to endure with family members and kin besides that of what is actually thought, regardless of going to individual places of respect or disrespects.

A lack of communication in the home, under the guise of capitalism. This is not against the people and that of a free-market, but the slavery of the home status as parents get older like in their sixty-present ages.

The parents should no better based on their attitude, not to stereo-type me as a kid to that of take the past out on me and blast it into all circumstances.

They tell me I do nothing to contribute at home, and they should not take care of a man. Well, if it is up to me to get motivation, they take no part in my life besides saying I am stereotyped for mentality to the people want to deny me of rights in my own household.

I would rather be free from the suffering that they want to blame-shift their mental attitude. They could care more about dogs than the suffering human being.
They are too so what I call a useless nature and they want honor, they have to deserve my trust rather than manipulate me as a minority.

Advocating for yourself does not work in a household towards stubborn parents who never learn. In the real world, I speak bluntly and I would have ended up dead had it not been using a disorder as an excuse.

For this reason I dislike them more than anything. Cause they do not reinforce positive energy in that life rather than be negative.

I can no longer use school as an excuse for suffering, for I healed from it, though the pain is still there from that injury long ago. I had to ****in relearn life from injury.
The world will not understand that, nor will they though they witness one suffer.

Is it because of my perception that I cannot see the world or travel. Perhaps. But when there is no valid method to support someone and or the possible methods of work not be there, it is no excuse to blame.

They canceled the forth of July events and kept me from seeing family because nobody wants to see me. It is their attitude and my anger reaction. But it is them who starts the argument to degrade an individual.

I am not free. Therefore, why should I offer to do anything.
I don't have my own rights in my own home to people are scared of me.
Nobody in life really knows me all that well.

I refuse to go to church because I felt like a slave from home but still respect it.

They will never know my true compassion but sadness.

My Lord manifests it in spades towards the world and rebukes me - they not deserve it.

Because I blamed myself for so long, I have become unhuman.

My life is lazy compared to the working and I do not match up to life.

God is stronger than I. As He must increase, so I shall decrease.

I am hated by God and Mankind.

I refuse to help my parents, cause they bring much pain on themselves.
They accuse me for it when they have options to make a choice.

I refuse the traps of society knowing I could have done better to be human.

I might as well say it,

For he to become sin for us, means Christ became sin for a world and hated by his own. He took on our burden for mercy. Should I play that card, that will be my death

Also compared to the time I almost got myself killed due to saying someone should clean up the environment that is trashed.

I did apologize, because these people had a landlord. But depends on who actually had the property. Though people do use the landlord as an excuse to whatever agency acquires land.

People should naturally care regardless if they are landlord or not, but I understand the reason of poverty and capability.

The economical rules are s**t in this so called America.
The disabled like me are mocked for ignorance to that of intellectualism.

I am not against the American society, I am against the poverty issue.
Speaking of poverty, there is no job for me to do that I can get money for.

Like others.

There is no effort I need to put in, if there is no contribution.
I have everything I need, and am not filled with happiness.

What can avail me besides to give much away? or help others.
I cared about others more than myself.

Therefore I held compassion and nothing will take that from me.
God held compassion in his soul. And people think they killed God.

I shall claim God if that be the case. But I am just a man and not "the first"
I know the first is greater and life cannot destroy its memory less it crumble itself.

God is no devil. He shall not change his thoughts. He grants me capability of free will to think. I blame not God.

When God shall manifest before me, I will say I am unworthy for the life I lived.
But I shall know I stood true to what was, is, and always will be.

The world is so far behind its past thinking and will always be cruel or untrue towards the younger generations to mine as "one who sees" through lies of propaganda, educational methods, laws, and historical dismay, and blame with laziness.

I hold them accountable for their own mistakes, not my opinions or thought.
Others will fully comprehend this or sectors.

Good people would help others to that of council, to make the world a better place.

While the wicked understand lets make it worse for all because we don't respect unto life existence, nor to we acknowledge to believe it.

Screw Racism: because the world is prejudice of its own.

The wicked fall by their powers to greed and pride to the good of their boasting in ego unto the end of the age.

Yet everyone has it cause of relationships or heredity. They blame the white man as I, and the world works in reverse of what was caused as to explain much of what set them free.

Even the blacks and Indians, to mixed had slaves. Though I do not believe in slavery besides actual oppression to acceptance of what was indifferent or through work efforts to poverty where the world rips one another off through processes of exchange or lack thereof.

True someone is paying for something, but who offers the services? Nobody answers that.

I will not give away my rights to a rogue business nor will I build an idolism temple like that of them in the deserts or those who promoted stupidity of the western like those persecutory of a people to more.

Hint to this... *not mentioning the name of the moon - they promoted stupidity by trying to persecute what I believed besides old testament and a single belief. - they proved it stronger the new.* - The idiots of the past.

The schools democratic became political bias promoting holy war and changing the books. I do argue the educators and ask them what of their professions.
To there is no education system for the younger that is acceptable?

O wait, lets have a computer education. = bad idea to an extent of safety.
Teach them the applications of life and subject matters.

Christians defend the faith, they are not the aggressor though there are some who fought in the mix of adversity or blamed for heresy their own. And society online reflects no better on people than those who truly live life.

But to mention the mindset I had. We had learned from the past hopefully to renew a generation of decency as much as for me not to judge but look at my own heart.

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