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Virtues Of Life
A Philosophy containing the values of mankind to reality and a story from perspective of my mind. But the truth is, others may have lived it, to memory of much remains. Conflicting is the thought and life of myself to mankind.
Why Are People Wicked?
Life by its choice besides the purity of one as a spirit isolate is wicked = idolism/pride
Life cannot define its truth of how it lives compared to how it acts. = lack of faith/truth
Life chooses to promote action among slack and possession. = laziness/greed
Life conserves but yet not replenish in order to do the opposite for goodness = greed
Life observes and acts as its own being for what it intends creation. = idolism/murder
Life preserves not yet judges not the actions of the heart while committing = murder
Life commits sexual discrimination or genocide = questionable/adulteries/murder
Life understands and is manipulated from shadows to mankind for power.
Life just like I an inheritors are afraid to admit, though we follow laws we have no faith to cultural struggle of growing.
Life sacrifices faith for its blood to advance and destroy history with truth productive.
Life is prejudice or racial from interbreeding, to nationalistic among kin and narratives. - The appropriateness of human nature.
Life in its law has struggles of oppressions yet they have fear or are silent.
Life is foolish among people to blame for what they are responsible for.
Life refuses to accept religion as life principles and practice to belief rather than harm.
Life justified through its sufferings learned or is therefore a shell regaining strength.
Through its option mankind chooses to follow shadow willingly for pride.
Even life is inherently good from the time of birth but only through spirit innocent.
Manipulative is brainwashing by people trying to murder with judgement in heart.
Mankind will lie about God and twist it for a devil to that of protectorates blamed.
Life crucifies its own for the issues of heresy and conversion by force against lies.
People know not in their heart, but to accept power with confusion of generations.
Wickedness and purity clash and some indecisive, but it is not life's fault alone.
Life made everything, and is blamed, but really it defined its name on itself.
I as wicked or good shall not judge the Lords that council truth over that of lies.
Other faiths contradict and clash but are of universal distinction to an absolute truth.
Life is not perfection to make one totally happy, yet perfected or refined manifests.
It of spirit is among isolate yet pure and life boasted of glory for namesake defense.
Mankind sought freedom compared to the compassion of God regardless of life.
Without compassion, I would not hold true love to understand in my heart a piece.
True there is many "Lords" they look at the appearances. God of the first to his people looks at the heart.
In modern time, the web is a dark rabbit hole for those of people like me with faith, hated by man and perhaps rebuked by God, but in all truth the wicked guised as purity and the pure who defend truth in actuality spoke up and were judged in name of law to God.

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