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Adara's, thoughts, stories and rambles.
Who is actually reading these?
"Go away Adara."
Winter. Endless winter. I was born in winter and I guess I’ll die in winter. Funny enough, I despise winter even though that is all I know. The cold powdery frozen water everywhere, grasping onto the trees, forcing them to bend at it’s will when it is just too heavy for the tree to hold up. So many times I’ve seen trees bending since the snow refuses to fall from it’s branches which results in two outcomes: the snow finally gives up and falls thus forcing the tree to flick back upright as if nothing happened; or, the tree, no matter the age, breaks and dies at the grueling relentless snow, clinging to it and refusing to let go. My love and I usually go and harvest the down tree for us and our neighbors, so its death is not in vain. This is our way, our life, for you see, we are Vikings.

We live, we fight, we make passionate love, we drink and we laugh. We are not ones to be trifled with, we are among elite fighters, even for Vikings, in fact, most think we are god among warriors, we are not. We just have an insane desire to stay alive and each other’s arms. Sure we get hurt and nearly die, but something keeps us on this plane for a purpose, and whatever that reason and purpose is, we do not know nor care. We have each other and that’s all that matters.

We have seen so many things, done so many things that when our leader called upon us to do battle, we did not hesitate and joined up. We had a simple plan: Do not die. We weren’t arrogant, surprisingly enough, about it but we did know our worth. Well. We thought we did. Maybe we were arrogant and that’s how we got into this predicament? Or…no…no it couldn’t be…could we have been set up from the beginning? Was…were…did our king actually send us on a mission he was hoping we would not return from? b*****d. I knew I didn’t trust him fully for a reason!

The battle was long it was fierce and no one really knew who won that day or if it was worth it since the sheer amount of life lost was outrageous. My friends, my elitist warrior friends and lover were dead. I did everything I could to save them, but…oh look, it’s snowing…I…snow is falling. I look down at my hands, they are so warm, and I see why, they are covered in blood, my blood, still warm from being inside my body. Looking over the way my love, dead already gone to Valhalla and wait for me…who is this “You do not go to Valhalla little one. Your time with them, is over.” the man in black shrouds gently says “No…that’s my lover, those are my friends.” “If just one wants you, I will release you to them.” I watch as he brings up a hand and waves it in the air as if parting the very fabric of life and shows them eating, drinking and laughing together. “My friends?” They turn to look at me and their smiles disappears. The one with purple eyes and his Chinese lover look sad as they turn their heads away from me. My own brother and his Japanese lover have such heartbreak as they turn their backs to me. At this time I feel tears leaving my eyes, why didn’t they tell me they didn’t want me around, I would have left! Then came the worst blow. My lover whom I was inseparable with “Go away Adara.” and my heart crushed into powder, finer then anything know to man or gods as I watched him turn his green eyes away. I reached for him but he moved away and went to look for someone else to love. I let my arm fall into that fluffy snow, coloring it deep red from the massive amount of blood that was pouring from my body. Snowflakes falling into my eyes, not even caring, I shut them and cried.

Finally the man waved his hand, the image disappearing he gently picked me up and held me tightly, but I realized he didn’t pick up my broken body, no, he picked up my shattered soul. My scared and damaged soul. My lov…they got lovely souls and perfect bodies when they passed. I, however, got a tattered and torn one. I didn’t fight this being, I figured I was going to hell or something, which in a way I did since I went into the earth, however, it was nice there, there were odd people I’ve never seen before and they sang songs I’ve never heard before. I don’t know what this place is, but it’s peaceful. I will miss the loud fun halls and banquets of Valhalla, but for some reason I feel the peace is where I belong. What will happen of me now? Who will love me and who will I love? I do not know but I have a sad feeling my time in this peace is only brief until my broken soul heals up and I get back out there. Please. Someone love me?

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