• I sigh aloud as snow drifts past,
    Gentle frost.
    And I hope it'll last,

    I smile as I hear a chorus sing,
    Euphoric sound.
    And the joy it'll bring.

    I trace the ice crystals as I walk by.
    Wintery patterns.
    Falling from the sky.

    I laugh at the children, playing in the snow,
    Forgotten joy.
    Head down, and home I go.

    I touch the icy snowman, waiting in the park.
    Silent figure.
    Alone when it gets dark.

    I whistle as I wander, down the frosty lane.
    Rumbling thunder.
    And I hope it doesn't rain.

    I see the warming fire, awaiting my return,
    Crackling Ember.
    I brought some logs to burn.

    I yawn as it gets later, and I wander off to bed.
    Slumbering softly.
    And I gently rest my head.

    I sleep until the morning, and wake up full of cheer.
    Secret gifts.
    And mistletoe. Christmas is finally here!