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    ☁My two favorite things on earth are summer and love.☁<br />
    ☁Photography is my calling.☁<br />
    ☁Icons are addicting.☁<br />
    ☁Music cures all wounds.☁<br />
    Sammy-kun is my lover, and I am his.☁<br />
    ☁Blennophobia is the fear.☁<br />
    ☁Alan Alda is my celebrity crush.☁<br />
    ☁Padmè Amidala is my role model.☁<br />
    ☁Anime is what I waste away my youtube time on.☁<br />
    ☁Cosplay is what's fun.☁<br />
    ☁L and Light yaoi is what I hate.☁<br />
    ☁L and BB yaoi is what I love.☁<br />
    ☁Swimming is my getaway.☁<br />
    ☁History is the record of our past.☁<br />
    ☁Friends are invaluable.☁<br />
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