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  • Artist Info: I'm a very versatile kinda person, I try to keep my horizons growing, I try to find new stuff to learn about constantly so I don't end up being a single track kinda guy. If I think your a good person, I'm very trusting and kind. I hate to see a girl cry or be sad so I generally try to be an upbeat, funny person. I don't like to talk as much as I like to listen, so many people think I'm just shy. If someone pops up that I don't trust, I won't give you a warm welcome, that's my harsh side. <br />
    Well, I'm working on my own manga which I hope to get published. Music is my life, I like almost every genre as long as it's not rap(Or anything closely related) and those teen "rock" stars. However, classic, southern, punk rock, metel, and jazz are my favorite styles. I'm 1st chair in the Symphonic, Marching, and Jazz band... jazz is the best. I can play all the saxophones and I'm in the process of learning the guitar family. I love to four-wheel and ride wave-runners (well, any motorized sport in general). I love to hang out with my friends and beat them in video games (a good game of pick-up foot ball or soccer is fun too) XP. I'm also a cpu geek in training. I'm learning all there is to know 'bout the cpu. hmm... thats all i can think of off the top of my head XP...
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