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    heeeyyyy!!!(: wasss up peeps??? so my names brooke!(: im 15 yrs olddd. my bdays the 24th of july(: my obsession fer life is danceeee!!! if u ever ask me what ive been up to, the answer will always and forever be "ive been dancing alottt!! most likely i jus had a competition too!" ahahaha i love to dancee! and im pretty good! im not cocky, its jus that i actually work fer what matters to me! i am taken!!&lt;3333 his names rodrigo!! ahahahaha i love him ohhh so much!! hes literally my other half! rofl idk what id do without him!! honestlyyy!!(: welll uhmmm i also lovee the beach! and my betistttttttttt friend heather!! shes effing amazing! if i were a dude shes be my girl(; ahaha thats weird...... but anywaysss!! hahaha im a pretty chill gurl, i think im hilarioussss!! ahaha but im realllly immature sometimes....hahaha okay alll the time! it makes things more funn! well uhmmm get ta kno me!! mkayy??? byee!!(:
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