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  • Artist Info: Hi! I'm Stealth Bomber! I play the piano and horn. I am in my school art club, and love gaia. My online hobbies are posting on gaia forums, making friends, and making tekteks for people. I love to draw and take pictures. I am not the best artist on the face of the earth, but I love to draw and am proud of my art. PM me if you need a tektek (prices from free-500). I'm not about the money, so depending on the quality, most things are free-500 gold. Feel free to PM me for a free sample of my tektekking work, ill post some of my favs, but I have to tell you, don't just say, "do whatever you want, i dont care" and then say its not your style when i make it. PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE tell me what theme and/or color scheme to do, and if you want a particular item included. I looooooooooooove anon gifting. My favorite shop is Buttercup Cafe, seeing as I love all food-themed items (especially fruit and cupcakes!)! Well I think that's about it~! Add me, pm me, and all that jazz. :3<br />
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    TL;DR: Hi I'm stealth. I love music and a bunch of other stuff. Add me. :3<br />
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    Check out my Polyvore too. o3o<br />
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