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  • Artist Info: Instagram (120k+ Followers): http://www.instagram.com/creative_carrah<br />
    TikTok (1.8M+ Followers): @creative_carrah<br />
    YouTube (500k+ Subs): Creative Carrah<br />
    Twitch: creative_carrah<br />
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    Proud Gaian since 2006<br />
    Hello, My name is Carrah! I have a few hobbies: drawing, painting, writing, walking, dancing, singing, playing games, etc.<br />
    I am kind of shy, but when I open up to someone, I guess I can be a bit funny. I am a night owl, love star gazing, I'm obsessed with galaxies, love muffins, watch anime, and more. I'm a child at heart, what can I say?
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    Hair: Brown/Red<br />
    Eyes: Golden<br />
    Skin: white with a pink tint<br />
    Height: 5'4''<br />
    Age: 27<br />
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