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  • Artist Info: well to start? my name is megan, and i have no idea what im doing. i live for all the wrong things, and i hate first impressions, they tell me nothing, so dont worry, cause it'll take me a while before i got you figured out.. i love my friends and family, and then everyone in betweeen(: Music is my life, as is poetry and photography. I love starbucks, and ice cream is the bomb diggitay. I'm a blonde haired, blue eyed baby, and if you wanna get to know me more, send me a message. (:<br />
    oh and i am currently single, and i want that to change. i'm looking for someone who treats me right, makes me feel gorgeous, and knows me inside and out.<br />
    think your the one?<br />
    you'll have to wait,<br />
    cause i'm looking for mister right,<br />
    and that may take a while.<br />
    after all,<br />
    my Romeo is out there among billions,<br />
    and it may take a while.<br />
    Patience is a virtue(:
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