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  • Artist Info: My name is Armand, and I am a graphics artist and a ragular artist I guess, my style is modtl verey emotional art I LOVE emo art because for me when I see it I can relate to it But that dosn't mean that all my art is sad mosty I draw cute little cartoons and stuff but some of my art is a compleat ecspretion of love or hardship of sorts. Moste of my insperation comes from music and stuff, other insperation comes from movies, another thing you should know about me is that I have a strange love (some would say a bit of an obsetion) of squirrels, i'm not shure where my love of squirrels (favorit is the north amairican red squirrel) came from, my guess it the movie Over The Hedge becaus I found myself so much alike the Squirrel Hammy, mostly becaus like him I am random and XTREAMLY HYPERACTIV and that it only gets worse when I have coffy, and I can run really fast too!, and that brings my to the fact that I love to run and I love going fast, my favorit charictor of all time in a video game is sonic the hedg hog, I love going fast so much that I get a rush playing sonic unleashed, well thats about all you need to know about me.<br />
    <br />
    also you can find me at a websit called www.blazebyte.org I am very active on there fourm.
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