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  • Artist Info: I'm back from a long two+ year break from the game to start over and make new frands.<br />
    My name by Josh<br />
    I'm 19 years of age<br />
    I'm from good ol' fat america<br />
    I am straight as well as straight edge. i don't do the drugs and beerz<br />
    I got a qt foxy ass redhead girl whom i am most very loyal to<br />
    My fav color be blue<br />
    I have a cat<br />
    My cat is fat<br />
    I bet you didnt know that<br />
    About my cat<br />
    ^MC Rap Master Fish Bait Shark Munchies / Kawaii Deer Qt<br />
    I attend college<br />
    I am the "I have no talent and i like this so ye" Major<br />
    We call that History major in the biz<br />
    Im sooooooooo fucking hungry as im writing this right now at 5:28am Sept 21, 2013<br />
    Yeah i wrote the whole date<br />
    Come@me<br />
    Kk think this is complete<br />
    <br />
    Friend me up yo, this is NOT a limited time offer.
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