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  • Artist Info: I am a baptist Christian and I go to Grace Community Church in Sun Valley my Pastor there is pretty well known he is Dr. John MacArthur. I was born and raised in San Diego and I moved to LA after I graduated highschool two years ago.I prefer to be called Richiko beause it is like a trade mark name to me just like my best friend VML.I'm an artist, Dancer, and many other things. I like to try different things and I am quite independent,a Loyal friend,and and aspiring animator.I am 19 years old and almost 20 .I am a Sophomore in college and I love video games Manga and Anime. Especially Vampire Knight I personally am in love with Hanabusa Aido!! I also love anime. I am a bonified cosplayer!I was part of the Dance Company at Grossmont High school and I am proud of it! I recieved my diploma on June,9,06 I am a Graduate from highschool and i'm glad to be out finally! <br />
    I am currently into my Junior year at Los Angeles Valley College and before you know it I'll be a senior
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