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  • Artist Info: NO art for you!! No longer doing Avi-Art but check me out on DeviantART<br />
    Cheesecake-Narwhal's my screenname
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Stuff about me:<br />
    *I'm a nerdy kid in High School with a 4.183 GPA. <br />
    *I'm really mean sometimes because it's really hard to be nice to some people. I'm mean for a reason. I don't just say things to be heard, if I say something mean it's probably true. <br />
    *I hate drama with my friends who all hate each other, I guess. Grow-UP.<br />
    *I know this guy who better watch his back if he hurts my best friend again.<br />
    *I'm done trying to fix people's love lives. They don't want my help anyways. <br />
    *I CAN speak weasel<br />
    *I like having my back rubbed and my head pet<br />
    *I like to be called cute or something even though I'm not. Don't try to argue. <br />
    *I LIKE being the creepy one<br />
    *I have panic attacks sometimes. in church. <br />
    *I'm learning the art of "That's what she said..."<br />
    *I don't appreciate when people are asympathetic when I'm suffering; it's a great way to be an a**hole. <br />
    *I create crack couples with real people<br />
    *I'm secretly a pervert and like hard yaoi...guess it's not a secret anymore XD<br />
    *Probably bicurious...I blame hormones. <br />
    *I love all my friends, even if they can't stand each other. <br />
    *I love life <br />
    **I don't like people volunteering me.<br />
    *I'm a brat sometimes. I just need a hug.<br />
    *I loves my old teacher and will miss him forever! DAMN YOU FAIRVIEW!!!!!!!! *waves fist in air* <br />
    *I want to know your favorite color.<br />
    *I has British, Asian, hair and color fetish.<br />
    *I'm watching you and they way your clothes lie when you sit. <br />
    *My boyfriend is the cutest geeky thing in the world and I will forever call him Mikey.<br />
    *I'm now lactose intolerant...Mikey's fault.<br />
    *i will get a picture from Gerard Way one day.<br />
    8I'm not ashamed to like Justin Bieber. He's too cute for words. <br />
    *I'm a hypocrite<br />
    *i AM going to make movies with Ross in them one day.
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    HATES<br />
    Being the ONLY one who can get along with anyone! <br />
    People lurking around behind me<br />
    Disturbing jokes that everyone gets but me<br />
    cleaning my room<br />
    killer bees<br />
    Regular bees<br />
    love drama in the HS<br />
    Homophobic people<br />
    tall people sitting/standing in front of me (I'm still pretty tall!)<br />
    Those annoying perverted people<br />
    People who try to beg me to do their work<br />
    Stomach aches<br />
    my brother (the little one, not the hot one) <br />
    When people don't know how good they have it. You could be starving on the side of the road! BE GRATEFUL!<br />
    Morning stretches at band practice. I honestly don't think it's funny. It's gross and I refuse to partake. <br />
    Not knowing how to drescribe things<br />
    Being told to repeat what I said because people can't pay attention<br />
    Being interrupted by EVERYONE!!<br />
    Drugs/alcoholic drinks/ bad crap like that Such a great way to kill yourself~<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Donors:<br />
    Meikiyano = Black Top Hat<br />
    Rogue Ninja X = Bunny Luv<br />
    Kodocha711 = Gold Mountain Tie: Black Diamond<br />
    Kodocha711 = Black Tie<br />
    Saskue601= Rose Galoshes & Black leather pompom boots.
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