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  • Artist Info: 9/18/09:<br />
    Met Jonathan and Scotty Hillstrand, and Jake Anderson on Deadliest Catch. :'D<br />
    I also semi-completed my life goal. :'D <br />
    All I need is to meet the rest of the captains. >o><br />
    <br />
    Um. I <br />
    Am Canadian.(British Columbia :'D)<br />
    Am wanting to be in Alaska right now. ;D<br />
    Am a track thrower. :'D<br />
    Am really Tall. (5'11 > o > wink <br />
    Am a person who likes to laugh and talk A LOT. :'D (I just want to have a conversation with you ; v ;.)<br />
    Have two big pet peeves. (WHISPERING, CLEARING OF THROATS, AND pEoPlE WhO tAlK lIkE ThIs, UGH. >:0)<br />
    LOVE the Cornelia Marie. <3<br />
    Am a bit of an obsessor of Deadliest Catch. > o >...<br />
    LOVE winter. :'D <br />
    Hate summer. >:0.<br />
    Wear shorts in winter.<br />
    Only wear athletic shorts. NO PANTS FOR ME,THANKS. :'D<br />
    Draw for giggles. 8D.<br />
    HATE getting pushed around.<br />
    Went bear hunting during the summer. > o ><br />
    Live half an hour from civilization.<br />
    LOVE playing hockey. And watching it of course. c:<br />
    Think gangsters are freaks. F.R.E.A.K.S. :'D<br />
    Am a super positive person. :B. Sometimes. 8D<br />
    Look at the glass of life HALF FULL. :'D<br />
    <br />
    Are you done here?<br />
    D:<br />
    Bye?<br />
    D:.<br />
    Oh.<br />
    That is me. >><br />
    User Image<br />
    Don't hate. v.v
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