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    Some would call me a hero others a coward.<br />
    I have been alone my entire life that will never change.<br />
    I don't easily trust so excuse me for not believing in your lies. <br />
    I am the angel from hell, the need to survive amuses me.<br />
    Your crys will bring joy to my face and your death relief to my heart.<br />
    I have no use for pathetic comments on my own self.<br />
    If you can't tell by now I simply just don't give a damn for you.<br />
    My heart is taken and it is in a special locked place forever with this person.<br />
    I would kill for them and die for them. But I will not suffer in darkness forever for you to just walk away. <br />
    Let us not pretend that I am a living being with a soul.<br />
    My soul was left behind damned in hell the day I was born.<br />
    I will forever roam this Earth on my own. <br />
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