• Excitement wasn’t even a word for it. My heart could not describe the feeling of happiness I felt. After two torturing year away from the person I loved the most, I was able to come see him. I parked my car in front of the old cream colored house and walked to the door. Thump…Thump…
    My heart beat so fast as I knocked on the door. Only a few moments until the door slung open and his mother smiled at me.
    “Oh hello Darling! He will be so surprise you are here! He doesn’t know you were coming, I kept t a secret. He’s upstairs with a friend of his. Go along up there.” She gave me a quick hug and I quietly crept up the staircase.
    Thump, Thump, thump!
    My heart was racing. Quickly, I opened his bedroom door and I froze.
    I thought my heart stopped beating. He was in the bed with her. His hands on her body, hers on his chest. Half under the black blankets. He looked over, shocked to see me, and reached for his shirt.
    “Emily, I-” They both quickly put their clothes on. I ran out of his door, down the stairs, tears in my eyes. His mother looked at me concerned.
    “Emily, dear, What’s wrong?” I fell to the floor crying. Instantly she was at my side, holding me.
    “Emily, what on earth?” The footsteps grew louder, coming from the stairs. Then I saw him. I started to cry harder. His mother looked at him and glared.
    “What happened Jake?” She growled. I looked up at him with what I’m sure was the saddest face he ever saw. His turned sad at the sight of mine. I stood up, though I felt as if I was going to faint.
    “Emily, baby, I’m so sorry.” He went to hug me and I pushed him. I pushed him as far away from me as I could.
    “Don’t touch me!” I screamed. He looked at me in awe.
    “Why Jake? Why?” I whispered. More footsteps came down the stairs, then she was there. The girl that had always hated me. That always promised and sweared she would break me. I watched her grin mischievously at me.
    “Jake, you didn’t do what I think you did. Oh God Jake, not to Emily.” His mother said. I began to cry, I felt his mother embrace me once more. I wiggled out of it and my sadness turned into anger. I walked up to Keli and smacked her as hard as I could. She fell to the floor.
    “Whore…” I growled. I turned away from her and Jake’s mother was angry.
    “Keli leave now! I never want to see you over here again!” Keli picked herself up and slipped out of the front door.
    “Emily, sweetie, tell me what happened.” I was shaking, my heart, I thought, wasn’t beating.
    “I walked in and they-” I choked. I couldn’t say it. His mother looked at him.
    “It’s okay. Jake? Will you do me a favor?” I asked looking at the floor.
    “What Emily? I’ll do anything to make it up to you.”
    Thump, Thump Thump…
    “Go…To hell.” I walked out the door. I walked out on what I thought was my future. What I thought was my happy ending. I guess I would never have one.