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    • DayBreak by xXPandaiiXx
    • Reaven, high school hottie, cheerleader is the one girl you'll love to meet, suddenly a girl Elli, and turns everyone agaisnt reaven. reaven sadden by her defeat to win her school back meets a guy named jason kulspo <whos a vam...
    • Dreams of Tomorrow Chapter 1 by Scarlett_Vow13
    • This is Ch. 1 of a story that I've been working on for a while, and I'm still not done. This is just the beginning. It's about a vampire/shapeshifter hybrid who just transferred to a new boarding school. But she has no idea wha...
    • The Sorceress and the Ranger by Elora Ashton
    • Somthing I just finished, first chapter of the book i'm writing. I'm 14, so any whiny comments you mmight have you can shove down your throat ^^ Hope you enjoy. If you wanna go and copy my stuff, I have a date on this and we ca...
    • Isireations of Pain by uvain
    • ok this is a ver short story i made while listening to some music if you like it i'll upload the seconed part to it i made ^_^ thank you!
    • Awakening Apocalypse Omega by ShatterdAngel-Fading
    • This is a short story, so far anyways, of a character of mine that I am working on, called Awakening (nicknamed Wake, Called Apocalypse 0 or Omega 9 by the labs because those are his experiment names) who is trapped in some sor...
    • The Moon by Kisa le Freak
    • This is a dream I had about a year ago that I wrote about after waking up. It was pretty violent, and sort of creepy, but it was fairly interesting to me. Constructive criticism only please! Visit my journal for more of thes...
    • Black bird: curse of the crow by blackmagic2005
    • Finally i can now release chapter 2 of my story! I hate writers block it took me quite a while to complete this chapter...so i hope you enjoy it as much as the first! Please leave me nice comments and fair ratings? ~In this c...
    • Secret Chapter 3 by xXAlice RockzXx
    • chapter 3 of my story secret!! xD once again, some credit goes to The Troop, aka THE BEST FREAKIN SHOW EVER!!!!!!! xD i encourage EVERYBODY to watch it!! well, im really lazy right now so ima not make a summary but i suppose...
    • The Stranger 4 by Evil Percy
    • The Red Flag gang visits Lucky Joe at his casino, but they don't know Johnny AKA The Stranger is there too. Please comment and rate. 14+ for some language and contains material disturbing to some.
    • Boredom can Lead to Temptation by Witch of Spades
    • Azura gets bored when Len reads (which isn't normal) but she decides to make her own fun. "Boredom can Lead to Temptaion" is (c) of Mirror Fang 714 There might be a continuation of this story on Lune-X-Arrows' profile on dev...
    • Hogwarts Student #1 by InariFox4ever
    • this is a book im writing...... every five chapters comes from a differant students sight........i just wanted to try this out fer once......... so plz leave comments and rate plzzzz.......
    • The Game by MarukawaBubbleGum
    • (2) this is just information...if you still want to read it. Its how Kevin and Sicily got into the 'game'. read it if you want to know! and read part 1 if you havent. The Game is like..a trial that risks your life. Its full of ...
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