• Mihara Private Academy, High school wing, room 1-A, in the darkest corner was a gloomy boy. The boy, though completely emotionless, gave off a weird aura that made the whole class back away for it clearly demanded ‘Get near me and I’ll kill you’. This lad’s name is Yami Jigoku, ooh the irony. But, every class has their very own care free idiot, in this case, Hikari Tenno. Hikari, against Yami’s aura completely, walked up to him and opened her mouth to start the unending annoyance.

    “Hi! I’m—“

    “Shut up”


    “Shut UP”

    “Excuse me but may I—“Yami sighed loudly in annoyance and glared. Hikari smiled. Yami slapped his forehead, opened the window next to him, and jumped out. Normally, one would say he was suicidal. But then again, there wasn’t a ‘one other person’ for everyone ignored the gloomy, sulking brat in the dark corner.

    “Hey, WAIT!” Hikari jumped out of the window as well. Surprise number 1: She never hit the ground. She levitated nearly…2 inches off the ground. Yami, without looking back, ran full speed ahead. Hikari idly bounced (in the air) after him. Being a private academy, Mihara was one of the richest schools in Japan. It was a freak’n, huge garden the two were chasing each other around. Excuse me, HIKARI was chasing Yami, Yami was power running away as if his life depended on it. No, it is not sarcasm, if he was to be caught, he would have to go through the ‘hell of annoyance’, so technically, his life depended on it. Finally, the foolish Yami realized that he would easily get rid of the girl if he hid in a high tree. People who have common sense don’t look 360 degrees around them while they run. So, Yami scampered up a tree in high speed. On the second from the top branch, Yami rested and was about to celebrate his victory when he felt a slight pain is his back.

    “Why’d you run from me?” Yami sighed, he completely forgot that this girl didn’t look, or seem to have ANY common sense.

    “Does. IT. MATTER?!” Yami drawled, leaning against the hard bark of the maple tree.

    “Yes, of course it matters.” Hikari, feeling somewhat discomfort in Yami’s glare, added “To me”

    “Well, scram! It’s none of your business! Go away! FLY!” The boy made a rude hand gesture and looked away.

    “I can’t fly, I LAVITATE”

    “And I care why… Wait, you can?” Yami looked at the girl with a ‘are you on crack?’ expression. It was then when he realized, if he was on sitting on a branch of a tree, how the hell can the girl poke him from behind? He slowly looked at the girl’s feet. Thin air.

    “You…You…But…” Yami was speechless.

    “Why do you have a tail?” Hikari cut in suddenly. “And why do you have kitty ears?”

    “Because…Wait you can see my ears and tail? How can you see them? NO one I suppose to be able to see them.” Yami asked surprised and worried at them same time. It made a great expression on his face but then again any expression was good on him sense he never expressed anything except anger.

    “Well I can just see them I mean they are as clear as day.” Hikari replied. “Now tell me what is under the glove?”

    “NO!! NO WAY!!” Yami yelled he seamed to be getting mad very quickly.

    “Hey you two in the tree get down NOW! It is against school rules to climb the tree.” There was a girl on the ground that Hikari and Yami identified as the class president who was strict on school rules. “And you there take that glove off that is also against school rules.”

    Hikari slowly levitated down while trying to look like she was climbing down. Yami on the other hand just jumped to the ground.

    “Now the glove!” she said as if she expected him to just put it in her hand. “TAKE IT OF NOW!!”

    “No Way, I am not taking it off.” Yami yelled back in reply.

    “Yes, yes you are unless you can give me a very good reason why you shouldn’t have to be like everyone else!”

    “I don’t want to.”

    “Too bad take it off now.” She yelled as she started to pull it off.

    “Fine I will take it off! But only if both of you leave me alone!” Yami yelled and glared at Hikari.

    “Glare, Glare, all you want I am not going away!” she said in reply to his glare.

    “Why… why won’t you leave me alone?” Yami asked in almost a desperate plea to be left alone.

    “Because I’m your worst nightmare!” Hikari said in a humors voice, and suddenly she turned serious, “Actually because I want to know what is under your glove and I want to know who you are you seem so familiar.”

    “My name is Yami Jigoku. What else do you need to know?” Yami asked.

    “I don’t know but there is something about you that is so familiar, but I don’t recognize that name.” Hikari tilted her head in a thinking position. She looked kind of like an owl.

    “Fine I’ll take off the glove but I want it to be known that I did not want to do this.” Yami said in an exasperated voice. Yami slowly slid the glove off his hand. And put it in his pocket. Hikari looked over his shoulder to see why he had been so set on wearing his glove. There on his left hand was a hawk over a snake.

    “Hey I have that same exact symbol on my right hand.” She said and put her right hand over his shoulder and in his face he went to go bite it but she had fast reflexes and pulled back with enough time to smack him on the head for trying to eat her hand.

    “What was that for?” Yami asked confused as to why he had been smacked.

    “Because you tried bite my hand off and it was fun.” She said as if it was simple and that he was an idiot for not realizing it by himself.

    The bell rang for the day to end as the to headed to there dorm rooms. Yami walked into his room to find dorm buddy Flame on his laptop doing his homework. Yami walks up to flame and said hi as a formality more then actually caring about how Flame’s day had truly gone. Hikari jumps through the door to her room and greeted her dorm mate at the same time. This of course freaked Yuki out for she had been reading her so called ‘innocent’ book, Hikari personally did not want to know what the book was about. When she wasn’t reading Yuki was actually a very talkative person. They had been friends since the first day of school.

    Back in Yami’s dorm room Yami and Flame were having a conversation about what happened to them today and about the annoying girl. Yami had found out that her name was Hikari Tenno and that her dad was movie producer and her mom is a writer. And that she was very popular with the guys because she was so cute and kid like, when all the sudden some one knocked on the door.

    Hikari had looked up Yami’s name online and found out that his dad was a famous sweet factory owner and his mom was a cook. This made her want more info so she headed out to his room to ask his dorm buddy.

    Yami opened the door to find Hikari getting ready to knock again. He turned around to look at Flame. “Next time we do not speak of the devil!” he looked back at Hikari “What do you want?”

    “Well I was going to ask you… about your hand?” She said.
    “Yeah, Right what did you really come here for?”



    “To ask him,” she pointed to Flame since she had no idea what his name was “about you but since you’re here I will leave now and come back another time when you are not here.”

    “Okay but I am leaving now anyway so I could leave and let you talk to him.” Yami said.

    Hikari of course took this as a sign of good will and gave Yami a kind smile. Yami glared and walked off to go get dinner. Hikari and Flame talked a little and then Hikari headed out for dinner leaving Flame in his room to figure out if he wanted to eat cafeteria food for dinner tonight or not.

    When she got to the cafeteria she saw Yami sitting down at a table eating his dinner. She went up behind him and sat down next to him and put down her tray and he turned and glared at her and was about to tell her to go away when all of a sudden there was a blinding white light. A ghostly white cat appeared in the middle of the light.

    The cat looked at the two ‘kids’ in front it. And time seamed to stop around them you know like in the movies where everything else goes black and white and the character starts to talk to the audience. “Hello Princess Hikari and Prince Yami, how has your life been?”

    “WHO…… NO WHAT ARE YOU?” Yami yelled.

    “I’m a messenger from another dimension.” The cat answered Yami’s question.

    “What do you want from us?” Yami asked the cat.

    “I’m here to tell you that you two are the twin children of Heaven and Hell.” The cat said

    “And what proof do you have? We are two different children from the two different families.” Yami asked almost angered at the thought of being related to Hikari.
    “The marks on your hands are the same they are the birth mark of the royal born of heaven, the hawk, and Hell, the serpent. Your mother and father, Heaven and Hell, sent you here to escape a horrible destiny.” The cat said and disappeared.

    Yami turned around to look at Hikari, “Are you okay, because you look like your lifeless?” he asked as a formality.

    “Uh… umm… how about like I just seen a ghost? Because there was one right in front of us talking to us.” She replied. “When is your birthday?”

    “June 21. Why?” Yami asked.

    “That is the same as my birthday. Do you think that talking floating ghostly thing is right do you? I mean it seams unlikely that we could both have the same birth mark and there is something about this mark my parents tried burning it off when I was little said it looked too much like a tattoo. But when the skin grew anew so did the mark.” Hikari asked a little afraid of what the answer would be, see she isn’t hyper all the time just more than half the time.

    “Maybe… we could get blood work done?” Yami said (don’t ask where that came from.)

    “Sure why not it can’t hurt. Hey Yami there is a little boy over there that is waving at you and trying to get your attention.” Hikari said looking past Yami at the cafeteria door. There at the door was a younger version of Yami except he had black hair instead of red.

    “Oh that’s my younger brother Diablo he is in the 9th grade. I was supposed to go tutor him for his math test.” Yami said as he waved his brother toward them.

    “Do you really think that a good idea?” Hikari asked.

    “What?” Yami asked looking confused

    “You tutoring him.” She replied

    “Why is it a bad idea?” Yami asked

    “Because brothers don’t usually get a long.” she answered.

    “Well think of it as an exception. You are an only child right?” Yami asked as he looked intrigued.

    “Of course.” Hikari replied.

    Diablo walked up and made his statement of, “If you don’t have sibs. then how do you know that they fight all the time.”

    “You have a point” said Hikari nodding her head as if in agreement

    “I’m off to tutor my brother now, bye” said Yami. As Yami and Diablo walk out of the cafeteria.

    Hikari finished her dinner and headed back to her room and found her room mate still reading so she decided to just go to bed.

    The next morning Hikari got up at 7 in the morning being a morning person she got changed and went down to breakfast. At breakfast Yami stalked over to her he looked very upset and he did not look very happy. Hikari made a mental note that Yami was most defiantly not a morning person. “So when should we go get the blood test done?” Hikari asked Yami as he sat down next to her.

    “I guess around 1. So about the ghost cat yesterday?” Yami questioned

    “Yeah what about?” Hikari asked

    “Did you find it the least bit creepy?” Yami honestly wanted to know.

    “Yeah of course” was Hikari’s only reply

    Diablo walked in and came over to Yami and Hikari “what are you two talking about? What white cat?”

    “Before you came in waving like an idiot!” they said in unison, which frankly was a bit creepy.

    “No need to bite my head off I was just asking!” Diablo replied to the outburst.

    “I could bite your head if you asked nicely” Yami said with a smile.

    “That would be fun to watch” Hikari exclaimed. “Hey we need to head to lunch.”

    4 hours later at the doctor’s office

    “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Yami asked.