• [Meet The Happy Family]

    Today was the day my big sister was finally moving out and heading to collage. I wasn't practically happy about this to say the lest. Though we seem to dance on each other's nerves from time to time, I really was going to miss her and that annoying, high pitched voice.

    "Kalian! Aren't you going to give your sister a kiss before she leaves you out to defend yourself?" Scratch that, maybe I wont miss her at all.

    I sighed, extending my arms open with an unpleasant grumble before Im plowed in by an older version of me. We may look similar, but we were truly 3 years apart, with completely different voices, and personalities.

    "Get off me you fat cow!" I struggled, trying to wrench myself away from Alicias but she didnt bug.

    Truthfully, she wasnt fat at all, in fact, she was a stick compared to me. She reached the height of 5,6 while I was a mere 5,4. Something I envied about her was the ability to eat and not gain one single pound, a thing she inherited from our deceased mother, whom died at the mere age of twenty-three.

    How did she die? Well she had internal bleeding, something that the doctors couldn't fix since we came to late. I remember him saying if we had brought her to the hospital sooner, they could have given in her the right medical attention. My father still blames himself fro her death till this very day, even though mother, still on her deathbed had tried convincing him it was his fault, that it was her for not telling us about her illness.

    I shook my head, not wanting to recall how she looked when we entered the sterile white room were she lay. Her once beautiful rosy cheeks, pale and clammy while her soft brown curls looked dull, unlovely. Those light colored hazel eyes turning dead before my own eyes.

    Glancing up, I realize Im still in my sister's embrace. Without hesitation, I tried to wiggle away but the grip was still pretty firm.

    "Not till you apologize and give me a goodbye kiss." I grimaced. She never took no for an answer.

    Kissing her lightly on the cheek, I felt the grip loosen and I stumbled away, letting air enter my lungs.

    "Happy now?" I retorted, glaring heated at the giggling women.

    "Yes shorty" she smiled brightly, but it quickly disappeared when her eyes glanced behind me. I turned to see what she was upset about when I spotted our stepmother and stepsister outside the house, both nearing us with uncaring features.

    "We'll miss you Alicia. I pray you do well on your steadies." Our stepmother, Isabella Thornbush, said idly, attempting a smile but appeared like a twitch of her lip. Her faded blue eyes staring my sister down.

    She had to be one of the most dullest, and uncaring women we ever met. Her hair, a hay colored blond was pulled back into a tight bun, revealing her high cheekbone structure and thin, peach pale lips. She was pretty, but not model material pretty, especially with her sense of style. I swear I never seen her leave the house without leaving with a long dress that barely went over her ankles.

    "Don't let the witch get to you." Alicia whispered icily, her venom directed to Isabellas daughter, Sherrie Thornbush, also known as our wicked witch of the west stepsister.

    She was the complete opposite of her mother. Her hair was a whitish blond while her eyes were a bright green. Her completion was slightly orange due to her constant tanning. From time to time, she bring a new boy toy to our house and always head to her room were they do god knows what up there. We even though we heard moaning once. Nasty!

    "I can't grantee much Alicia." I said bluntly, my eyes narrowing when I caught Sherrie examining her manicured nails. The nerve of that girl, she never cared for anyone except herself and only herself. If there was a choice where she had to save the world or her life, I can tell you exactly which it would be.

    "Just try..for me ok?" Alicia pleaded, holding up her pinking like we did when we made a promise.

    "Alright." I took hold of her pinky with mine, sealing the deal for old times sake.

    Suddenly a shiny Volvo pulled up, its red paint glaring into my line of sight as the sun hit it dead on. Thankfully the person inside wasn't as terrible as the Volvos paint job.

    His name was Alex Meyer, a young man who was the same age as my sister. Both were attending the same collage, and if I remembered correctly, they were secretly planning to tell my father about the engagement rings they hidden away.

    "That's my ride, I'll come visit you on my breaks." She gave me one last bear hug before running to the car. Alex step out and took her bags and waved over to me. I could image a few years from now, a chord of wedding bells ringing and both saying their vows to each other. I suppressed a chuckle.

    "I love you!" I cried when the car took off, leaving both father and I waving like maniacs while the other two just sat there, either watching or not paying much attention to what just happened.

    "I wouldn't mind having a boy like that marry your sister." Father sighed, still looking where the car had vanish down the road. The tall oak trees lining our streets. Where we lived, there was a large area filled with oaks and tall hills with old colonial style houses spread out for quite some distances. You could say we lived out in the country, considering we were far from towns and such.

    "You never know. They might already have a wedding planned." I joked, but father was in his own little world to even notice what I said.

    Shaking my head in dismay, I waltz pass both my stepmother and sister. We owned a two stories house, which had five rooms including a study area. Both father and Isabelle slept down stairs, were the rest of us where located upstairs.

    I didn't mind having the corner room though, which secretly had more space since father knocked out one of the walls that connected to one of the walk in closets that led to the attic.

    Surprisingly I sleep more in the attic then I do in my room. We made it so that the attic had polished wood floors and enough space to actually fit a mini boiling ball court. Sherrie tried conniving my father to let her have the room, but thankfully trusted me more then wanna-be-Barbie. Knowing her, she probably make it to a strip club.

    I heard footsteps closely following me, and by the sound of constant clanking of 6-inch stilettos, I already knew who was behind me.

    "So what are you going to do now that your big sisters gone?" Sherrie sneered, not bothering to hide a smirk from her bubblegum scented lip-glossed lips.

    Why she always wore that type of lip-gloss? I don't know, but I think I heard it's her signature flavor that all the boys taste when they lip locked with her. The thought of it always made me shudder.

    "I'll keep my promise." I replied, letting her hear the irritation rising within my voice. I dragged myself upstairs, not wanting to deal with her right now.

    "Oh really? I didnt know Kalian was grown up enough to keep a promise." She looked at her nails, her back leaning against my doorframe. What would happen if I just punched her right now? I think I'd leave a decent size black eye for a few days..tempting.

    "You'd be surprised." I reply angrily, making the hostility towards her known.

    "What was the promise about?" I knew she wasn't interested, but she seemed to get her kicks by annoying me. So, I just kept quite. If she was going to irate me, then why not do the same?

    "I asked a question, don't get smart with me." Sherrie stated, fixing her gaze and puffing out her chest in order to make herself look bigger, but it never faltered my impassive expression.

    "I promise I wouldn't murder you before she gets back." My lips curved upward before slamming the door in her face. The petrified look was enough to make me smile for the next few days.