• If life wasn't full of trials and tribulations what would it really be a dream some say, a fantasy. Not for little Nana; Nana is a 13 year old girl in 8th grade. Nana has one friend not only is this person a friend, but her soulmate. This "friend" is a boy named Kenji. They both have tons of history together: they grew up together and started school together. They werent always friends though. In elementary Nana was an "ugly" girl according to her peers, and Kenji was a demon according to his peers because he had bandages all over his body. Kenji was the first to approach Nana he saw she was always alone just like him so he approached her. Nana ignored him at first, but he was persistent. Eventually Nana opened up to him, they became friends, and werent lonely anymore. Two years past by now they were in sixth grade, that summer Nana's father told her and her family that he got a promotion and now he was the head of his department, and Nana's mother could stop working. Nana's mother finally noticed how her daughter looked, and changed that. Nana got a complete makeover and i supposed she bloomed. That same summer Kenji got a metemorphasis and got his bandages off. Seventh grade year was finally a year that the two friends could be accepted. Nana and Kenji found new friends, yet they still remenanced the good times they had together. that year Kenji relized he was in love with Nana, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Nana felt the same way, she relized she couldn't live without him. Kenji confessed his love to her, and now they're dating. Now its eighth grade year and they are finally relizing what they were about to go to high school and e verything would change. Throughout high school they both stayed together, but people got in there way sometimes. the trials they went through only made them stronger and their life better. After high school and college they got married and had two kids and lived their career jobs. After their kids grew up they got old and lived life to the fullest, always remembering that the trials made it even better.

    Well this my story, Its not very good but hope you like it