• ??? - Hey Lord Lucipher where are we going?
    Lucifer - Does it even matter since you'll still follow me till the end .... am I right Tsuna?
    Tsuna - Yeah you're right.... so can you tell me where we're going?
    Lucipher - You'll know soon enough.
    (Meanwhile in the Kingdom of Magicka)
    Servants - Lord Riku are you hungry?
    Riku - how many times do I have to tell you that I'm not hungry (sigh)...... I know that you mean well...... oh before I forget I need you to bring my daughter here.
    Servants - Yes my lord. (Bows and leaves to get his daughter.)
    Servants - Princess your father wants a word with you.
    Sakura - In a minute........ (Opens doors and shows her dress to the servants) so what do you think? Do I look good in this?
    Servants - Sakura you look beutiful in that dress after all you're this kingdom's precious gem.
    Sakura - (Blush) Thanks so I guess I'll go speak to my father now.
    (Meanwhile Lucipher and Tsuna were walking through the Forest of Reminense but were ambushed by bandits.)
    Bandits - Hand over all your goods or else the two of you wont be leaving this here forest.
    Tsuna - Go ahead and try if you think you that is unless your just talk?
    Lucipher - (Sigh) Lets ignore them...... there not even worth our time.
    Tsuna - Oh you're lucky that Lucipher is in a good mood today.
    (Tsuna and Lucipher kept walking and ignored the bandits but the bandits could'nt stand the fact that they were ignored.)
    Bandit Leader - Kill them both and make sure that they both suffer before they die!!!!!
    Bandits - (Holding there weapons up) Yeah........we're going to enjoy this.
    (The bandits stabbed Lucipher but he did'nt even budge.)
    Lucipher - (Laughs) Hahahahahaha so you want to figth huuuuh.....Tsuna get rid of them.
    Tsuna - You did'nt even have to tell me twice.
    (Tsuna and the bandits begun their fight. Tsuna used a silver blade while the bandits used bows and blades of steel. Tsuna ran up to the bandits and decapacited one of their heads.)
    Bandits - Boss did you see that?
    Bandit Leader - yeah I saw it. (he stares at the decapacitated body and yells) Kill them!!!
    Bandits - We saw your move.... we won't let it happen again!!!
    Lucipher - Tsuna you're still too weak. (Sigh) I guess I'll have to handle it since we dont have much time to spare so just watch and learn.(Lucipher unsheathed his long black katana) You will now know the true meaning of fear!!!
    (Lucipher disapeared and reapeared behind the bandit leader and stabbed him in the back then he forced the blade upward. Once the blade was taken out the bandit leader blood started to squirt upwards then fell to the ground as rain. Which then caused the other bandits to run)
    Bandits - (Screaming) It's a demon!!!
    Lucipher - (Evil laughter) Hahahahhaha pathetic humans you shall not escape me.
    (Lucipher started to chant a spell...... when the spell was completed a small flame appeared underneath the bandits the the flame spread. The flame later on explode upwards and burned the bandits to ashes which then caused the forest to burn.)
    Tsuna - Are we going to put the fire out??
    Lucipher - No.... We need it to distract the guards of the kingdom of Magicka so we could get inside undetected.
    Tsuna - Why don't we just kill our way in???
    Lucipher - No... if we did they would hide their king and that will make our goals more difficult.
    Tsuna - What are you talking about?? What goals?
    Lucipher - You'll know soon enough.
    (Lucipher and Tsuna made haste to the kingdom of Magicka.)
    (Meanwhile back in the kingdom of Magicka.)
    Riku - Sakura you understand what you have to do???
    Sakura - Yes daddy.
    Riku - That's a good girl.... your my pride and joy.
    (Soldiers rush to king Riku.)
    Soldiers - My lord the forest Of Reminence is on fire and if we don’t put it out your kingdom will burn to the ground.
    Riku - What about the peasants are they safe?
    Soldiers - Yes my lord your subjects are right now but if the fire isn’t stopped then they’ll die.
    Riku - Even if it didn’t harm my kingdom I would still put it out but I just needed to make sure the peasants were safe.
    Sakura - Father I seen smoke coming from the forest.
    Riku - Do what I told you to do and stop worring so much okay oh and I already took care of that problem.
    Sakura - Ooooooooh alright (Pouts) I guess your right……. Your always right.
    Riku - That’s my girl. (Pats Sakura on the head and she smiles.)
    (Lucipher and Tsuna reached the kingdom of Magicka. When they walked towards the gate then a guard appeared and stopped them.)
    Guard - Halt.
    Tsuna – s**t what the hell do we do now!
    (Lucipher gave a grin to Tsuna)
    Lucipher – (Shakes his head.) Tsuna Tsuna Tsuna you should know by now what to do when someone blocks my path.
    Tsuna – No I don’t know.
    Lucipher – Fine I’ll show you.
    (The guard was confused with what was happening)
    Guard – Stop what you’re doing at once!!
    Lucipher – Too late.
    (Lucipher gave the guard a cold expression that froze the guard)
    Lucipher – What happened are you afraid of me??(He mocks the guard by shrugging his shoulder and shakes his head) I guess you’re too weak…. You don’t deserve to live.
    (The guard stays silent as Lucipher slowly walks towards him. Lucipher opened his palm and suddenly the sword appeared in front of him.)
    Lucipher – The sword is called Blood Oath and it feeds on the souls of the being it kills.
    (Lucipher shoves the sword into the guard. The sword then starts to glow a bright red and Luciphers dull gray eyes turned bright red as well.)
    Tsuna – Are you alright Lord Lucipher?
    Lucipher – Of course why do you ask?
    Tsuna It’s your grey eyes, they turned bright red.
    Lucipher – Yeah that only happens when Blood Oath drains the souls of a living being. When Blood Oath gets full my true power are awakened. But that’s besides the point…. Let’s continue into the kingdom.
    (Tsuna and Lucipher infiltrated the kingdom of Magicka. Meanwhile a soldier found the guard that Lucipher slew and a guy with white hair and blue eyes appeared with a white cloak.)
    Soldier – This guard is dead…
    White Haired Man – No he’s not dead it’s just that his soul was absorbed.
    Soldier – That’s nonsense you can’t suck out somebodys soul.
    White Haired Man – So you say.
    Soldier – Things like that isn’t possible.
    White Haired Man – Ooooooh so you don’t believe that it’s possible….. but it is.
    Soldier – Just who the hell are you??
    White Haired Man – That’s something that’ll never tell someone who does’nt believe in what I say.
    (While the white haired man and the soldier argued with each other Lucipher and Tsuna were looking for a place to keep low.)
    Riku – Was the fire tamed?
    Captain – Yes my lord…. Even as we speak my soldiers are putting it out.
    Riku – When will the fire be stopped.
    Captain – Once the sun is down the fire will stop.