• Chapter 4 - Classes,Foes,How much worse could it get?

    Drakutha had woken up,He Yawned quietly and swinged his feet over the edge of his bed.Looking around,He saw Elrokk awake aswell."Elrokk..Lets get down to the Great Dining Hall!",He whispered.Elrokk nodded and got dressed,So did Drakutha.They both got up and met Seirta at the door."G'Morning Seirta",Said Drakutha.His eyes felt heavy and his breathing was slower.The stairs thumped as he walked down the stairs to the Main room of Gypraskin.4 other students were near the fireplace,Some sleeping some awake.Drakutha,Seirta,and Elrokk waved silently as they walked pass.As soon as they met the stubborn portrait of the Old Lady and her dog out in a field."Password Please?",She asked."Whats the password?",Drakutha Whispered."If you dont know the Password you cannot get out.",said The Old Lady."Uhh..Gafsbeng",said Seirta."Nope..Im about to ring the bell..",said the Old Lady."Frogsboden!",said Elrokk.He was surprisingly...right!The portrait swung open and they exited Gypraskin.

    They headed down the long halls until they saw the huge doors of the Great Dining Hall.They headed in and the Breakfest feast hadn't begun,Thank God.Headmaster Wardle had noticed the arrival of the students."Good Morning Sorcerers!Ehem..A few announcements,shall we?Well,Broom and Magic Carpet flying for First years start today at 4:00 pm,Midrel starts tomorow,First years may not try out until you are second years.And for the first years,Midrel is a sport where you use Magic Carpets and dodge little round metal balls,Called Boglers.But here's the catch,4 people try to get another flying ball that is the size of your palm.Called The Flying Srascin.But it cannot touch their hand,So they must catch it any other way..",He said.Then sat down and flicked his wand.

    "Mmmmm,Pancakes and sausage.My favorite!",said Elrokk happily.Seirta had something in her mouth.Drakutha looked at her plate,Oh..Waffles!Seirta swallowed and said,"Yum,Waffles taste great.I wonder who made them?",Drakutha had wondered aswell.Maybe tonight they would ask Headmaster Wardle."I guess cooks do,I haven't a clue.How about tonight we ask Professor Wardle?",He asked.Seirta and Elrokk agreed and started munching on their food again.As an hour passed,Headmaster Wardle flicked his wand and all were quiet."Listen,Please.Today you will be getting your schedules by your house leaders.Go to them after breakfest.

    Headmaster Wardle flicked his wand once again and the food disappeared."Breakfest is over.Now go to your House leaders,please.",He said.Drakutha,Elrokk,and Seirta walked over to their House leader,Miyami,And Got their Schedules.They read over their Schedules carefully."Shimaru is next..",said Elrokk.Right now it was break.

    They went to their Main rooms and slept until the next subject,Considering they would need to be up and ready to catch up with Shimaru.Hopefully,They wouldn't be expelled by the next 3 weeks.