• In December 1999 a boy was found passed out in a cave near Whitby harbor, a group fishermen had been out early when suddenly a storm hit crashing wave upon wave across the bow of the small 5 man vessel. The men sought refuge in a small opening in the cliff face until the storm had passed.

    They watched out to sea watching lightening fork across the black clouded sky blinding white light surrounded in shades of blue and purple. The sea raged the usual blue had vanished and was now turned murky grey capped with white edges, the spray reached out to the fishermen making them retreat further into the cave.

    A few hours passed and the storm subsided again the sea was calm and welcoming and the sky was brilliant blue with no trace of a single cotton cloud. Fishermen were leaving their shelter when one of the men dropped a flashlight which had been kept in his belt, it rolled deep into the cave and man and one of the others went after it.

    It eventually stopped after hitting something in the darkness, he bent down to pick up the flashlight and also inspect the object, he touched it, it felt cold and damp, there was a smell of blood so the man pulled the object towards him and as he did so he jumped back startled as did the other man with him.

    They shined the flashlight down onto the object to reveal a boy around 18 years old his blood hair was matted and stuck to his forehead, his lips were almost blue from the cold and near his left temple was a sticky patch of red. Blood from an injury was seen on a rock where the boy had laid.

    The two men lent over to check to see if he was alive they checked his breathing and to their surprise he was alive. They picked the boy up and carried him out the cave, into the light of day.

    Some time passed after that fateful day, the night drew in over the horizon as the sun's last rays struggled to fight it back. On the shore a man was painting the beautiful scene of oranges and reds give way to the darker hues of blue, purple and the glittered black.

    He sat trying to capture every color, every line perfecting the already stunning landscape he had just completed. As the final amber shades disappeared over the horizon, he set aside his brush and canvas staring longingly at the sky; stars shining above looking down upon him curious of what is to come.

    "Callum was calling for you shouldn't you be somewhere right now?" a figure approached from the shadows illuminated by the brilliant light cast from the new moon that now shone from over head, a woman tall, slender, dark hair flowing at her waist.

    "He said you promised to be home before it got late and it is now..." the woman paused to look down at a elegant silver watch which graced her left wrist, "Midnight, do you plan to worry him all night?"

    The man who had been painting had not moved since the woman had appeared turned to face her his sapphire blue eyes gazed upon her, his expression blank and emotionless.

    "I told you to not bother me didn't I? or was that something I imagined as well?"