• He stared at Alex as she prepared to skydive
    off the cliff. He had met her up here, as he did
    everytime she showed up in his galaxy.

    She worked for the Administration of Untold
    Events (AUE) She never told me anything except
    when she was leaving or arriving, nothing else.
    Her short black hair wavered in the wind as she
    spoke to the co-pilot about some detail or another.

    My thoughts were interrupted as she walked over to
    me. She stopped at my side and peered over the
    edge at the scenery.

    "So what now?" she asked staring down at the ground.
    I sighed, "When will you be back?"

    She looked into my eyes deeply, as if searching for
    emotion. She grasped my hands in her own and glanced
    down sullenly.

    "I...I might not."

    I could see the tears gathering in her eyes. I pulled away
    my hand and wiped one lonely tear away from her cheek.
    I watched as it fell to the ground. Glancing down again her
    bangs fell in front of her, veiling her face, her true feelings.

    I removed them as she let one sob go. She peered back at me.
    "It's a conflict. The AUE wants me in Galaxy..." she paused.
    "...well I can't say..." she stopped.

    I just stared at her. "Say something...please." she urged.
    "You can't leave...I....I." she didn't let me finish but moved away.
    Her tears falling quickly she made her way over to the edge.

    "I have to!" she claimed.
    "But..." i screamed as she jumped off. She was gone...forever.

    "...but I love you."