• My name is Yuki Uchiha and this is my story. I was born into a family of royalty. My mother was the Devil. Now, unlike you humans know the Devil was a woman. Her name was Lucy, not Lucifer. My grandmother Evelyn, was Devil, until she fought God and lost. That was the time the Garden of Eden began. My mother came into the garden disguised as a snake. God told Adam and Eve that they could eat any of the bountiful fruit that was there for them, except the apple from the tree of knowledge. My mother convinced Eve to try a bite. And thus, the garden ended, and the New World began.
    My mother got remarried as she calls it. She wed to an uchiha so when I was born I had half the uchiha genes in me. That marriage ended quickly.
    My oldest brother is named Pein. He has a very quick temper. My other brother, the middle child is named Yagari. He is nice when he’s around. Pein was the oldest so he was to be next in line for the obligation of being the Devil. When you get the duty of being the Devil you get the portal to hell. It takes form of a pentagram necklace with angels at each point of the star. If you decide to release it, hell only comes down to earth so fast. So this would explain to you humans why your world is falling to pieces.
    Pein was going to be next in line, until I was born. When I was born I was born an angel. My mother shunned me. She was not going to have and angel in the family. When I was seven years old I remember Lucy giving the necklace to me. She had appointed itachi uchiha as my guardian (a friend of the family). Pein had seen her give me the necklace. I knew he would be mad enough to kill me. So I ran away.
    I went to go see Sasuke; Itachi’s younger brother. We had become very close. When I got there I heard that Itachi Uchiha had murdered the entire Uchiha clan! I overheard that Sasuke was alive and in the hospital. I went to visit him. I told him I was leaving. I promised I’d be back.
    And so are story begins…