• Chapter 4 More Twilights:
    The next day they went back to training. “Ok Arc this is for your Wolf’s Might. It will give you incredible strength. Focus on your arm muscles. Once you think you have it pick up that boulder.” He nodded and focused. He felt jolts of power flow through his arms. “Ok, I’m ready.” He walked up to the boulder and started to lift it. “Hey, Arc Wolf!” he turned “Amy wha…” he dropped the boulder. “You need to concentrate that’s what. Don’t get distracted.” He glared at her “Yeah, well… I mean you… fine.” He focused again. Again he felt the jolts of power. He lifted the boulder. Then Amy let out a scream that hurt his ears. He turned around and almost lost the boulder again. “Ah, nice try Amy…. Amy?” he threw the boulder, “Aw, crap.”
    “Where do these freaking tracks end? I’ve been following them for ten minuets now with my Wolf Sprint. I have to be close. Huh, what’s this? The tracks disappeared.” Arc looked around for a clue and heard a voice from above. “Hey, you! Your with them aren’t you?!” He looked up “With who, you’re the one that took Amy aren’t you? Give her back.” He smirked “If you want her back you can take her back!” he jumped down. He had green shaggy hair. He looked about sixteen Arc’s age. He had a green jacket with a white bolt going vertically across the middle of the jacket. He had plain blue jeans, and white sneaks with a red line on the out side. “So, her name was Amy was it? Hmm… Pink hair and eyes, and a blue jacket with a white tee shirt under it. Plain blue jeans and pink shoes. I want to say clam but stubborn. Now for you. Long red hair, red eyes. A black jacket with a white tee shirt under it. Plane black jeans and black sneakers… I’m going to say punk.” He smiled “Well, punk can you take me?” Arc growled as he spoke “We’re going to see aren’t we!”
    They both stood still for a moment to focus. The green haired kid made the first attack. It was a raging upper cut then a spinning kick. Arc dodged the punch and blocked then grabbed his leg. He started to spin and threw him into a tree, which then fell over backwards. He sprung up with a flying tackle and landed a solid hit, which threw Arc to the ground. Arc did a handspring, which he turned into a double kick on his way up and managed to land on top of the green haired kid. He was about to start punching him when he felt a hand on top of his. He turned to find Amy holding his fist back. “Amy, you’re ok!” The green haired kid looked at Amy “Your right he’s got talent.” Amy smiled and responded, “Well of course he does.” Arc looked back at the green haired kid then back to Amy “Wait, say what?” Arc got up and the green haired kid followed. “Arc this is Steven.” “Hello Arc nice to make your acquaintance.” He said as he held out his hand. Arc shook his hand “Hi, will someone tell me what’s going on?” Amy explained that he kidnapped her thinking she was with Alpha and Zeta. After she explained everything they decided to test him. “Ok, so you were kidnapped and then decided to test me?” He asked. “Uh, yeah.” Steven answered. “Wait, Steven are you a Twilight Animal too?” he nodded “Yup Wolverine Twilight at your service.” Arc looked at everyone “Well then what next?”