• Abby tied her greasy dirty blond hair into a high ponytail. It was gym now and she dreaded it.
    A whole 1 hour spent being tortured by the students at Saint Patrick's Catholic Day from her lack of beauty and atheltic ability. She wasn't fat, but she was the type of people who would casually walk, even when dodging SUVs at rush hour. She had sworn to try and do the best.
    'Remember Abby.. Try your best! Show them what you're made of!" her inner pep rally squealed.
    Abby shut her dull brown eyes tight and slammed the sticker infested locker door.
    "Girls! Move those tushes and get out! You're going to be late for class!" barked Mrs. Lu. She was a tan woman who had the resemblance of the Hulk, minus the bulging muscles. "NOW!"
    The girls snickered as they passed by the locker room "security"/teacher, their squeaking sneakers echoing across the room. Abby was the last to leave.
    "I swear Ms. Boyd.. If you get late for your class, don't expect any sympathy from me!" she barked at the blonde, who was covering her ears. "NOW FLY!"
    She snickered as she walked away from the teacher who was flapping her arms like a hummingbird who drank 2 cans of Red Bull.
    Abby jogged up the two fleets of stairs, finally reaching Gym A. Everyone was already jogging around the gym.
    "Ms. Boyd! Please join your class in jogging 20 laps if you want a A for the day." dared Ms. Harb, who stared at her from her beady blue eyes. "Or you can sit down with those failures," she tilted her head to the right, where 4 students sat down casually, chatting as if it was lunch time. "And recieve an F for the day. Choose carefully." she sneered.
    Abby shrugged her narrow shoulders and jogged with the rest of the class. She catched up with her best friend, Claire Houston.
    "CLAIRE!" she waved her hands frantically.
    "Hey." Claire said with a soft semi-smile. Abby took the gratitude of returning the friendly gesture. She loved being friends with Claire. They saw through the same pair of eyes, a coat check girl in a black tie optional party.
    "Anything interesting?" Claire raised her semi-thick eyebrows.
    "Just a run-in with THE HULK." she giggle-snorted.
    "What'd she do this time?"
    "Told me to fly."
    The two friends cracked up as they jogged.
    Claire wiped the tears from her eyes. She got all teary when she laughed. "A ha." she sniffled.
    "Yeah." Abby sighed as she looked at the perfect back of Ivanna, trying to find flaws, who had her practically reflective hazel hair braided into two long Pochohantas braids. She wanted to be more prettier than her. The girl who had tortured her since 6th grade. The girl everyone wanted to be.
    Ivanna was giggling from a joke from one of her friends, Eva. Her Dentyn shaped teeth gleamed from the sunlight that poured from the windows. She had a light tan that made her blue sea-glass like eyes, which were big and round, like a doll's. Her perfect, J shaped nose was perfectly positioned on her face. Everyone said that she was as perfect as any human-being God would allow to be.
    Abby turned away. The only flaw she could find was one: Impossibly beautiful, which made her wince.
    "I love her braids." sighed Abby, staring at Claire.
    "Really fantabulous!" Claire snapped her hands twice. She had a habit of making up her own "quirky words"

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